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To accelerate innovation, we openly share novel peptide and protein analogues as well as antibodies for preclinical research.

Through this open innovation initiative, we offer easy and free access to selected high-quality and well-characterized compounds to curious and passionate scientists from around the world. We hope that sharing can advance the research of those who want to discover new mode of action and expand disease biology understanding, which can ultimately contribute to accelerating future breakthroughs for medical solutions.

The process and criteria are simple and transparent - we provide the compounds for free for you to validate your scientific hypothesis, you own the results and are encouraged to publish these. There is no reporting required but if you obtain exciting new results, you are welcome to get in touch for a discussion of the data and the possibilities for a future collaboration.

For COVID-19 related compounds, please contact Department Manager Theresa Bak-Thomsen,

The process

Through a few easy steps you can get access to our compounds

Available compounds

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Long-acting a-MSH analogue


Long-acting amylin analogue


Long-acting CCK analogue


Long-acting GLP-1 analogue #1


Long-acting GLP-1 analogue #2


Long-acting GLP-2 analogue


Long-acting glucagon analogue


Partial glucagonR agonist


Small molecule glucagonR antagonist


Long-acting insulin analogue


Liver-preferential insulin analogue


InsR peptide antagonist (S961)


PYY analogue - Y2 selective


Long-acting PYY analogue

Coming soon

Anti-InsR mAb G6


Anti-GLP-1R antibodies

mAb clone 7F38 and 3F52

Anti-IGF1R mAb 226

Tine Glendorf and Lars Linderoth, scientists from the Novo Nordisk Compound Sharing team

Tine Glendorf and Lars Linderoth, scientists from the Novo Nordisk Compound Sharing team

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If you have questions or comments in relation to Compound Sharing do not hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to take a look at the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

You can reach us at – we are looking forward to answering your questions.

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