Treatments for serious chronic diseases

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Our Disease Experience Expert Panels (DEEPs) are made up of people living with serious chronic diseases – including patients and family members. These experts by experience provide us with disease-specific insights into their daily and long-term challenges.

Such insights guide every aspect of the way we work: from our research and development of innovative treatments, to supporting people with serious chronic diseases to achieve better health and a better quality of life.

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Our research and development is driven by the real-world experiences of people living with serious chronic diseases. Every year, more than 25,000 people participate in Novo Nordisk clinical trials, which we conduct in over 50 countries worldwide.

Sign up for one of our clinical trials. You can help our scientists discover more about new treatments that could one day benefit millions of people like you. You'll also learn about managing your own health and well-being.

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Obesity perspectives

Vicki Mooney has spent years battling a serious chronic disease and other people's preconceptions about her weight. Today she is a patient advocate, a TV and radio host, and a DEEP member.


Perspectives like Vicki's guide our work as we develop new treatment and solutions that target the unmet needs of people living with obesity. They also inform our advocacy as we seek to build a more supportive environment for people affected by this complex disease.


Read Vicki's blog post and check out her podcast

Care for all diabetes types


If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you can still live
a long, healthy and fulfilling life if you take good care
of yourself. Start by understanding which type of
diabetes you have.

Diabetes care




Tackling obesity


Obesity is a complex chronic disease that requires treatment. Discover the science behind obesity and why long-term management of the disease is important.


Obesity and weight management





Haemophilia is a rare and serious bleeding disorder. However, with proper treatment, children with haemophilia can look forward to a normal life expectancy.


Haemostasis management



Growth disorders


Growth hormone deficiency affects childhood growth with life-long health consequences. Our growth hormone therapies have been making a big difference for over 30 years.


Growth hormone therapy