Partnering is part of our DNA. 100 years ago, our founders returned from Canada with the rights to produce insulin, successfully transforming a promising discovery into a life-changing therapy.

Today, we continue this legacy. We partner with leading scientists, academic and medical institutions, technology startups, biotech innovators and pharmaceutical companies, to turn bold ideas into groundbreaking solutions that are available to patients across the globe.

Together, we can pioneer scientific innovation to improve the lives of patients.

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Across our organisation, from early research through development to commercialisation, we embrace partnerships based on the core values and mindset that drive our company.

Innovation and breakthrough science

Committed and collaborative

The Novo Nordisk Way

Industry-leading scientific and R&D capabilities

End-to-end value chain infrastructure at scale

Innovation beyond the molecule

Solid growth outlook

Long-term value orientation

Strong sustainability focus

“It was clear to us that Novo Nordisk had a fresh, bold approach to innovation outside the four walls of their world-class research facilities and a sincere appreciation for our expertise and the tremendous progress made with our lead compound. This mutual respect naturally led to our current partnership to jointly continue development of our lead assets on the platform of the global capabilities of Novo Nordisk as a world class company and the speed and expertise of our leading CB1 development and clinical team. We are thrilled about this collaboration that positions us favorably to meet our objective to deliver a new treatment paradigm to patients globally.”

"Biocorp and Novo Nordisk had the chance to partner back in 2021 to improve life of patients suffering from chronic diseases through transforming digital solutions. Not only we realized that we shared the common vision of serving patients first, but also that we could do more as partners. The acquisition of Biocorp by Novo Nordisk is a testimony of that ambition and we are thrilled by the perspective of building a new standard of care and expand the global usage of digital health solutions across the globe.”

"We are proud to collaborate with Novo Nordisk, a leading global healthcare company driving change in metabolic disease management. Novo Nordisk brings world-class scientific expertise and has a long history of successful partnerships to advance novel therapies. GE HealthCare, in turn, brings our expertise in ultrasound to this partnership to unlock more of ultrasound’s potential. Together with Novo Nordisk, we can help create a world where healthcare has no limits."

"We are delighted to pass the ocedurenone torch to Novo Nordisk, a global leader in management of chronic diseases. We believe this transition could unlock the full potential of ocedurenone and benefit more patients with cardiovascular and renal disease worldwide. KBP Biosciences is looking forward to working with Novo Nordisk to complete the ongoing CLARION-CKD study, and to seeing the expansion of ocedurenone into additional cardiovascular and renal disease indications in the coming years.”

“The productive and collegial RNAi drug discovery and development alliance established in 2019 by Novo Nordisk and Dicerna was built on communication, common goals, and mutual respect. As our partner, Novo Nordisk recognized the power of our GalXCTM RNAi platform, our ability to apply it quickly and accurately, and its significant potential to benefit patients. Novo Nordisk’s subsequent acquisition of Dicerna, uniting Novo Nordisk’s extensive capabilities as a leading global healthcare company with Dicerna’s GalXCTM and GalXC-PlusTM platforms, and Dicerna’s speed and agility in drug discovery, was a natural next step on a shared journey to drive RNAi innovation.”

“Gilead and Novo Nordisk share the ambition to advance understanding and deliver innovation to improve the lives of people living with NASH. Gilead is one of the world’s leading companies in liver disease, and Novo Nordisk is the leader in diabetes and metabolic disease. Bringing together complementary science and expertise from both companies forms a strong partnership that may accelerate our joint efforts in bringing effective and safe medicines to people living with NASH.”

“Our work with Novo Nordisk is probably the most exciting and productive collaboration we have ever had. We share the vision of curing serious chronic diseases using cell therapy. Working together to derive stem cells for treating patients has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly inspirational.”

“Innate Pharma has been a long term collaborator with Novo Nordisk A/S, with the ongoing development of several antibodies for patients in high medical need. We share with Novo Nordisk an innovative mindset approach and we believe that science and medicines only advance when the right people and organizations work together to leverage their collective expertise. The Novo Nordisk development team brings together deep scientific and partnership expertise, which has led to a rich collaboration for our companies. Sharing our mutual knowledge was key in our journey to accelerating scientific and medical breakthroughs.”

"We are delighted to have a company with the expertise and resources of Novo Nordisk as our partner for development and commercialisation of HS-001 and are also honoured that Novo Nordisk has recognised the innovativeness and high potential of our technology. We believe that the partnership with Novo Nordisk is very valuable as we seek to disseminate our Japan-origin innovation globally as early as possible."