We have nearly a century of expertise working with proteins and peptides. In recent years, we have increased our research technology platforms to include stem cells, RNA interference and genome editing. To realise the full potential of these research technologies, we are pioneering scientific innovation together with our external partners. This includes broadening our range of new collaborations, both within our current therapy areas, and in new disease areas and technologies.

Partnerships based on long-term commitment and mutual interest, and open innovation platforms that share knowledge and data, are key to creating a foundation for innovation.

From universities and biotech companies, to individual scientists and entrepreneurs, we are working globally towards our shared success. 


We take pride in the way we work with our partners, and offer a collaborative mindset harnessed for sustainable and trust-based relationships, with bespoke engagement models and deal terms. 

With our century-long heritage in diabetes and cardiometabolic disease, as well as our rare diseases expertise, we bring innovative medicines to the market to serve patients worldwide.

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  • Pipeline partners with the complementary expertise needed to develop innovative products that address unmet medical needs in our areas of interest
  • Commercial partners to make our products accessible to patients around the world  

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