Our medicines are for the approved indication for which they are authorised in the local country or region.

This page is using European product trade names with accompanying generic names. Trade and generic names may differ in other markets.

Links to more details on the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) webpage are provided for those products that have been granted a central marketing authorisation by the European Commission.

In compliance with regulations, we cannot provide detailed information about our prescription medicines on this website.

In some cases, healthcare professionals and patients can visit local Novo Nordisk websites to find out more about our medicines. 

Please note that in some countries we are not allowed to provide very much, or sometimes any, information on our prescription medicines so you should seek alternative trustworthy sources. 

Always ask a healthcare professional for advice about medicines.

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* in the US approved under the brand name Xultophy® 100/3.6. 

** in the US called NovoLog®

*** in the US spelt Novoeight®

**** in the US approved under the name of REBINYN®