Our suppliers are important to us and we aim to deliver quality in how we source goods and services, select suppliers and negotiate agreements at locally, regionally and globally. We ensure proper implementation and utilisation of agreements in operational purchasing.

We want to continue to have, and build, strong relationships with our suppliers. Below you will find information on how to work with us and practical details if you are one of our new or existing suppliers.

Sourcing process

We organise the types of goods and services we purchase into categories which helps us to provide better service to our vendors and our employees.

Our category management system is core in all our sourcing processes, and we have sourcing specialists within each category with in-depth market knowledge.

We have a global sourcing process and adjust it to the individual projects, but when we work with our suppliers directly, we use a regional approach.

Our sourcing process will include the following:

  • Qualification
  • Tendering
  • Negotiations
  • Workshops
  • Awarding the contract
  • On-boarding & implementation
  • Supplier relationship management


e-Sourcing and e-Auctions

To ensure a transparent and comprehensive sourcing process, we use e-Sourcing solutions to provide faster tendering, set out clearly defined requirements and is user-friendly for participants. These tools support fair and equal treatment of all our suppliers as they get access to the same information during the entire tender process.

We also use of e-Auctions to ensure a transparent process of conducting negotiations. During an e-Auction, suppliers can adjust their offers based on live market feedback. 

Before the start of an e-Sourcing or e-Auction event, the contact person in your organisation will receive a welcome e-mail containing a link to the event as well as a brief description of the event and its duration.



We use Coupa as our digital procurement platform. Coupa allows us to use digital signatures for signing contracts and agreements.

If a contract is set up for e-signatures, you will receive a signing link that you can follow through to electronically add your signature, using DocuSign.

Why e-signatures?

  • You never have to wait for physical documents to arrive.
  • You can sign anywhere from any device.
  • It is more secure than paper copies as documents are encrypted and a complete audit trail is maintained.
  • It is easy and user-friendly.


Preferred suppliers

We work with preferred suppliers to help us build better medium and long-term relationships. Becoming a preferred supplier is dependent on many different factors among others:

  • total spend
  • volume
  • criticality
  • a strong working history with Novo Nordisk
  • willingness towards continuous improvements and innovation
  • demonstrating the delivery of quality products in a timely and favourable manne.

We are always open towards new players bringing healthy competition to the market.

Invoicing guidelines
Novo Nordisk is in the process of digitalising its invoice handling procedures. To facilitate a seamless payment process, it is essential to include the recipient's initials on the invoice and, if applicable, the purchase order (PO) number.

The preferred way of invoicing Novo Nordisk depends on where you are located in the world.

Click here for general invoice guidelines.

When invoicing Novo Nordisk A/S or Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S, we kindly ask you to comply with these guidelines.

Preferred way:

  • Electronic invoicing (transfer via EAN number): Information about how to use EAN number to invoice Novo Nordisk can be found here.

Alternative options:

  • Email PDF: Find guidelines for sending PDF invoices via email here
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): Here you can read more about how to get started with CSP, where you can e.g. convert Purchase orders to invoice and see the status on your invoices
  • No paper copy invoices will be accepted.

Novo Nordisk affiliates worldwide:
When invoicing Novo Nordisk affiliates, we kindly ask you to comply with these guidelines.

  • Email PDF: Find guidelines for sending PDF invoices via email here
  • Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP): Here you can read more about how to get started with CSP, where you can e.g. convert Purchase orders to invoice and see the status on your invoices
  • No paper copy invoices will be accepted.

Please look up the affiliate you are invoicing here and reach out accordingly.

Purchasing guidelines
Suppliers need a Purchase Order (PO) prior to sending an invoice. Exceptions are based on geographical location and type of commodity.

Different terms and conditions are dependent on the specific Novo Nordisk legal entity with which business is conducted. Standard payment terms are 60 days.

Please ensure to add the following information clearly on both the delivery note and the label on the package, like in the example below:

Purchase Order (PO) including letter on the end (Y/N):  8000003227N*

Initials of recipient (All our employees have unique initials): <xxxx>

Building & Room Number where the goods will be delivered: <xxx.xx>


* adding the letter Y or N at the end of the PO number is only applicable for Denmark

We use Coupa as our digital platform for handling supplier information.

If you are a new supplier, you will be on-boarded via Coupa, and both new and existing suppliers will have the opportunity to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

By joining CSP, suppliers can keep their information and other data up to date, view purchase orders and more. Using the Coupa Supplier Portal  is free of charge.

Learn more about the Coupa Supplier Portal

You have been invited by a Novo Nordisk associate to collaborate on documents or other content owned by Novo Nordisk. To access our content, we want to be sure, you are you. Therefore, you must enrol into Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). 

Step-by-step guide to set up Multi-factor Authentication

Video guide to set up Multi-factor Authentication


Multi-factor Authentication FAQ

Why do I need to log in with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in Novo Nordisk?
To get access to Novo Nordisk content, we need to verify that you are you through the MFA process. Please follow the Step-by-step guide to set up Multi-factor Authentication mentioned above.

I have followed the guide, but I am still not able to access the Novo Nordisk content.
If you experience any issues registering your guest access, please reach out to the Novo Nordisk associate who invited you to the collaboration. That person can reach out to Service Desk and get assistance.

Why do I no longer have access to shared content in Novo Nordisk?
If you haven't accessed the Novo Nordisk environment for 60 days your access is automatically removed.

How will I regain access to shared content?
You must reach out to your Novo Nordisk contact person and ask them to re-invite you to collaborate, and then re-enrol for Multi-factor Authentication.

Who could help to reset my MFA if I lost my phone?
You must reach out to your Novo Nordisk contact person who can raise a request on behalf you.

How do I back up my work through the Microsoft Authenticator app?
Turn on cloud back up: Select Settings > Back up and then turn on Cloud or iCloud back up .

I lost my phone. How do I access shared data?
Please note that the recovery option must be configured on your iOS device before you can use the restore functionality.

How to recover your data:

  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device and select Begin recovery.
  • Sign in to your recovery account using the personal Microsoft account you used during the backup process. Your account credentials are recovered to the new device.


We strive to make procurement decisions based on three considerations: is it financially, environmentally and socially responsible.


Responsible sourcing

We aim to promote responsible business practices throughout our supply chain and have developed the Responsible Sourcing Standards to describe what this means in practice for our suppliers.

We set expectations to our suppliers via the Responsible Sourcing Standards and assess risk, across all types of spend, to identify potential issues. Where issues are identified we take action to address these together with our suppliers. We also strive to procure the most responsibly-sourced, sustainable solutions from our suppliers globally.

Responsible sourcing at Novo Nordisk


Circular for Zero

The ambition for our environment strategy is bold and simple: to have zero environmental impact.

For procurement we will achieve this is by working to further improve collaborations with our suppliers to switch towards circular procurement specifically via initiatives which focus on CO2  emission reduction and via eco-labelled purchases with sustainably certified suppliers.

Our environmental strategy - Circular for Zero


Business ethics

As a global company, we work across many diverse cultures where concepts of appropriate business conduct can vary widely. We believe ethical business conduct is about values and integrity as well as compliance and risk mitigation. Taking a proactive approach in ethical business conduct increases trust in our company and improves relationships with key stakeholders. 

We are always ethical in our conduct and never compromise on Business Ethics and we expect the same from our business partners, this is critical to safeguard our license to operate.

Suppliers should always be compliant with local and international anti-corruption laws, principles, standards and codes (including codes developed by patient organisations) and ensure transparency in all interactions. We risk assess our suppliers for business ethics issues and put actions in place to mitigate these as relevant.

Business Ethics at Novo Nordisk

We have more than 500 dedicated procurement professionals working across 20 categories and optimizing a DKK 40 billion procurement budget .

Our goal is to ensure the supply of goods ad services is always at the right quantity, at the right market prices, in time and in the required quality. In doing this, we always strive for high quality of social, environmental and financial standards.

Are you looking for opportunities to work at Novo Nordisk and help drive our Procurement?

We also offer opportunities for newly graduated master’s degree students. Once a year we hire three graduates to our 2-year Global Procurement Graduate programme.

We offer a steep learning curve with rotations both in our procurement functions in headquarters, in our affiliates and production sites globally.

The Global Procurement graduate programme.