Want to know more about partnerships with Novo Nordisk on driving true systemic change that will make a difference for patients worldwide?

We engage in impactful, science-driven, non-competitive Public-Private Partnerships to close gaps in the overall healthcare ecosystem for the benefit of patients and society.

On this page you can find links to the current partnerships that we are part of, and you can find information about, connect with, or even join consortia that propel innovation and change.

Follow the below links and learn how to get involved with us – and other dedicated partners – in some of the major Public-Private Partnerships frameworks:

IMI – Innovative Medicines Initiative

IHI – Innovative Health Initiative

AMP – Accelerating Medicines Partnership


Novo Nordisk is an active participant in the EU anchored Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) – the world’s largest Public-Private Partnership within life sciences with a total committed budget of more than €5 billion.

Novo Nordisk is a significant IMI contributor with direct involvement in 35+ projects (concluded and ongoing) and will continue this commitment in the IHI framework – the successor to IMI.


“We are very happy to have joined the IMI SOPHIA and work in partnership with Novo Nordisk. This fruitful collaboration offered the possibility for the Medical Informatics Platform, which currently serves multinational consortia to explore decentralised medical data in the field of brain diseases, to extend to the field of obesity.”

- From Prof. Philippe Ryvlin, Head of The Department of Clinical Neurosciences (DNC) at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)


Together with 22 partners we are aiming to uncover the mechanisms of hypoglycaemia and its physical, psychological, and economic consequences.

Having a “hypo” – or experiencing hypoglycaemia – is a common problem and fear for people living with diabetes. In plain words, it means that one’s blood sugar level drops too low. And this can be a very dangerous condition if it is not treated correctly and swiftly. A severe “hypo” incident can ultimately provoke loss of consciousness and even death.

Visit the Hypo-RESOLVE project homepage here

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In the SOPHIA project, Novo Nordisk is leading an international consortium of 32 partners (comprised of experts from academia, industry, and civil society) to identify ways of predicting complications in people suffering from obesity – and of predicting which patient groups will respond to specific therapeutic treatments.

The project is designed to help optimise the future treatment of obesity as based on better understanding of this complex and chronic disease.

Visit the SOPHIA project homepage here


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