We are open to innovation

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Open innovation

Driving innovation together with you

We are open to innovation

Open innovation

If you share our passion for discovering and developing better healthcare solutions for people living with a serious chronic disease, then this is the right place for you.

Below you can explore our current portfolio of open innovation opportunities for scientists, researchers and healthcare entrepreneurs.

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Sharing our compounds with you

To accelerate innovation, our Novo Nordisk Compound Sharing library offers novel peptide and protein analogues as well as antibodies for preclinical research. Through this open innovation initiative, we offer easy and free access to selected high-quality and well-characterised compounds to curious and passionate scientists from around the world.

Innovation Challenge finalist

Are you our next finalist?

Our Innovation Challenge aims at exploring, designing and co-developing solutions together with the wider innovation community. Through our series of challenges, we aim to explore, design and co-develop sustainable approaches to our business practices, which could bring life to the key innovations of tomorrow.

At work in our innovation lab.

At work in our innovation lab

Why we believe in open innovation

There is a lot of passion and knowledge in the world to change the lives of people living with a serious chronic disease. We believe that open innovation is one way to facilitate this knowledge and unleash the passion.

Our focus is on generating scientific and technological breakthroughs for people living with diabetes, obesity, rare blood and endocrine diseases. We also look beyond the diseases we treat and search for solutions that improve patient self-care or help solve environmental waste challenges related to our products.

Through open innovation, we are able to build a strong and diverse community of academics, industrial peers, governments and non-profit organisations. Together we can turn innovative ideas into medical solutions more quickly and effectively.

Seeking partners

We are looking for partners with complementary expertise in our therapy areas and adjacent disease areas – from novel modalities to technologies, and from early research to clinical stage.  

Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist in a tablet

Our scientific approach

We have expertise across the pharmaceutical value, from the initial idea for a new treatment to making it accessible to people living with a serious chronic disease.

Global Research, Diabetes biology, Måløv

Discovering new treatments

We rely on research technology platforms in our search for target molecules or pathways in the body that contributes to the development of a disease or its symptoms.

Mikkel Stavnsbjerg and Phaedria Marie St Hilaire, Novo Nordisk Denmark.

On top of ethical dilemmas

Recognising and understanding the ethical implications of our business is an ongoing process.