At the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub we believe that the best innovation comes from co-creation. Since most great life-sciences ideas won’t make it past the stage of early research – the so-called ‘valley of death’ - our remit is to guide innovative teams to advance new therapeutic concepts in our space. We are an R&D unit based in the North Eastern US in Boston's vibrant science community and interested in talking to teams across North America.

Working together with specialists at Novo Nordisk can sharpen your scientific trajectory. This increases your likelihood of successfully impacting the lives of people who rely on you. Our key capabilities lie within transformative and emerging biology and platform technologies. Within these areas, we in the Bio Innovation Hub can provide a cross functional R&D team rooted in a proven innovation engine ready to co-create new MoA's and therapeutic concepts together with you.


Our office is located in Boston's unique cluster of innovative biotech, pharma and world-class universities.

Visit us at 255 Main St 10th Floor ǀ Cambridge, MA 02142

Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub collaboration model with Biotech, Venture, Not-for-profit Associations, and Academia fields

Collaboratively exploring transformative emerging biology and platform technologies to generate new MoA's and therapeutic concepts with a cross functional R&D team that can leverage the capabilities of a proven innovation engine. This increases your ability to put science on the right development trajectories to impact people who rely on us.

…and vice versa. No organisation can be strong in all disciplines. Through scientific openness, we co-create breakthrough concepts in exploratory fields often unknown to us. We can fill many of your gaps by connecting ideas and teams to a breadth of experienced specialists in our Global R&D organisation, which has brought innovative cardiometabolic therapies through development for almost 100 years.

There is not one size which fits all partnerships. The Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub comprises experts in disease biology, device design, medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics and pre-clinical & clinical drug development. We can adapt how we work together to best develop your idea.

Sharing your breakthrough concepts with someone you don't know can be frightening. We understand that and promise never to compromise on business ethics.

Reach out and we will respond! No matter if there is a good match or not, we will connect and share our honest advice for your continued journey. 

We are interested in learning more about the mechanisms that regulate important metabolic processes, with a view to identifying new ways to treat diseases. This could include identifying novel drug targets that are regulated in disease states, or identifying regulatory mechanisms that can be leveraged to target multiple or specific biological pathways. It could also encompass new ways to model biological systems in the laboratory, or apply new principals to drug production and/or delivery and stem-cell therapies.

Further, we are curious on co-creating novel therapeutics in our focused disease space based on your platform technologies. In particular, we are excited to learn about emerging biology or drug modality platform technologies or to explore with you whether an established platform technology can find new applications in our therapy areas.

Novo Nordisk delivers and develops treatments for a wide range of highly prevalent conditions, primarily Diabetes, Obesity, NASH/NAFLD, Chronic Kidney Disease, Atherosclerosis and Heart Failure. In addition Novo Nordisk also treats a number of rare endocrinological and blood disorders, and has the ambition to cure Type 1 Diabetes. Novo Nordisk is continually looking for new ways to treat these diseases or improve the lives of patients living with them. The Bio Innovation Hub is positioned to co-create transformative therapies in these areas.

Many of the diseases in our therapy areas affect large, heterogeneous populations and progress over long periods of time. As such the need for improved diagnostic and prognostic biomarker strategies is clear. Approaches that can identify specific patient segments, better predict disease progression or help to develop and deliver personalized medicines are of great interest to us. 

The amount of data generated in research and development projects is ever increasing. We are embracing new ways of collecting, combining and interrogating data using the latest computational techniques. Some examples of where we see the greatest need are:

  • New approaches to analyse multi-omics data from patients and preclinical models
  • Multi-parameter modelling in drug design, to simultaneously optimize new molecules across different features and speed up the development process
  • Techniques that can expand the level of information collected from experimental settings or provide a richer understanding of complex biological environments and mechanisms

We are looking for convenient, safe and precise solutions for drug delivery, both within traditional injection devices, but also within alternative delivery technologies such as oral devices, implants, transdermal patches, and stem cell delivery. Furthermore we are interested in digital health solutions that can personalise disease treatment and improve the lives of people with chronic diseases.

When we learn about your idea, we naturally gauge our compatibility and ensure we can contribute with capabilities to support the science. 

We do this based on three key areas each important for us to be a good co-creator. We show this to be transparent about what is important to us and what we will likely ask you about when seeking synergies. 

graphic showing the three areas of partnering interest

Innovation maturity
Robust and compelling proof-of-concept data will help build the case that your idea can be matured.

Therapeutic impact
We are driving change in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, NAFLD and other serious chronic diseases. The more closely related to these diseases that your idea is, the better we will be able to capitalise on it. Overlapping between disease focus areas gives us an even better chance of succeeding.

Mutual path to patient
Our therapy areas bring solutions to large numbers of diverse patient groups and it is key that we can map out a successful path to application, leveraging the synergies between your strengths and ours.

Demonstrating that your idea can feasibly be taken beyond the bench and implemented at scale or higher throughput is a key component of a successful partnership.

Therapeutic proximity
Is your idea applicable to therapy or technology areas that are in scope for Novo Nordisk? Many emerging technologies may not be, but we will examine if there is conceptual proof that it could be developed or redirected to fit with our aspirations for innovation.

Synergistic capabilities
Every partner brings unique qualities to the table and we will assess where our comparative strengths and gaps in expertise lie. We are eager to learn and ready to offer support anywhere we can, to ensure we are the best partner to help accelerate your ideas.  

Martin Ebro, Innovation Lead

Emiliano Cló, Scientific Advisor

Christine Y. Ivashchenko, Director of Scientific Projects, visiting scientist at WI/MIT

Jesper Getreuer, Strategy & Operations

Christian Schrøder Kaas

Uli Stilz, Vice President of the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub

Jakob Schiøler Hansen

Sebastian Beck Jørgensen, Senior Medical Advisor

Ja Young Kim-Muller

Liselotte Hyveled

Kasper Tarp Mortensen