We partner to drive innovation in digital health, digital therapeutics and patient support solutions to benefit people living with chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity.

Developing better digital solutions complements our strengths in therapeutic innovation. Together we can help people get in better health and improve clinical and real-world outcomes.

Our focus on digital solutions is two-fold - making disease management easier and providing support and help to patients.

Collaborations and partnerships are key to our success.

We believe that digital health and digital therapeutics solutions can improve outcomes by facilitating data-driven and individualised patient-healthcare professional-dialogue, as well as by easing treatment interventions for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

Over the past year, we have partnered with five of the top glucose monitoring companies in the world, engaging in non-exclusive data exchange with our smart insulin pens for the benefit of improved treatment and outcomes. 

See our areas of interest for collaborations and partnerships.

We partner to find ideas and solutions that address inefficiencies in management of diabetes and obesity, specifically to:

  • Facilitate treatment initiation – ensure patients are receiving the medicine they are prescribed
  • Improve adherence – ensure patients do not neglect or forget a dose
  • Increase stay-time – ensure patients remain on treatment and in control
  • Improve dose-optimisation – as many patients are underdosed and therefore in poor disease control

Additionally, we are interested in:

  • Effective ways to enable remote care models
  • Cost effective, scalable ways to provide treatment advice based on actual medicine usage
  • Ways to address clinical inertia and get patients onto appropriate therapy
  • Solutions to help patients identify the right bolus dose for a coming meal

From a digital therapeutics research perspective, we work with base technologies, research and cutting-edge solutions to help fuel our pipeline of future opportunity, here we are mainly focused on collaborations that can help us with:

  • New connectivity technologies focused on seamless connectivity, low environmental impact and low cost for use in injection devices/smart pens
  • New clinically validated physiologic data signals that can contribute to future decision support solutions (e.g. signals that are clinically validated for detecting eating or exercise)
  • Innovative and efficient ways of developing clinical decision support solutions through e.g. algorithms, machine learning/AI, Software as a Medical Device, Omics, physiological and behavioral modelling.
  • Solutions or research in the interlock between pharmacotherapy and digital therapeutics both for diabetes and obesity.

Sticking to the numerous routines, appointments and tasks that are part of living with a serious chronic disease takes tremendous planning and put pressure and stress on many people’s daily life.

We believe that digital solutions can be a support in both disease management and self-care. 

See our areas of interest for collaborations and partnerships.

We are looking for self-care capabilities – tools to help people living with diabetes gain a feeling of greater control over the management of their condition, such as

  • Virtual health assistants
  • Solutions that address diabetes-related anxiety and/or depression,
  • Innovative reminder solutions
  • More effective communication with HCPs (inside or outside of scheduled visits)

We are interested in making new habits “stick” – solutions which use behavioral economics to provide short-term incentives to encourage and retain long-term adherence to treatment

We want to improve individual support and strengthen key relationships – tools that help nurture a support system for patients, by:

  • Improving communication between a person with diabetes and their loved ones
  • Reducing the practical and emotional burden of being a caregiver to someone with a chronic condition
  • Helping people with diabetes connect with others like themselves in a safe and compliant manner