Partnering & innovation

Meet our partnering teams

Meet out R&D, Commercial and Biopharm partnering teams. If you would like to explore the opportunity to engage in an innovative partnership to benefit people living with a serious chronic disease, including the medicine delivery systems these people rely on, reach out to one of our dedicated team members below, or send us an email at

Research & Development partnering

John McDonald

CVP, R&D business development

Miriam Frieden

VP of Search & Evaluation, Denmark

Florence Dal Degan

Search & Evaluation Director, Europe

Search & Evaluation Director, USA (Boston)

Diabetes, RED, RBD

Stem cells


Jill Priselac

R&D business development

Camilla Ståhl

NASH & Obesity, Denmark

Chuck Grey

East Coast USA

Anudharan Balendran

R&D business development

Commercial partnering

Jane Buus Laursen

Corporate Vice President, Commercial BD

Gert Chemnitz Nielsen

Diabetes, CVD & CKD

Jens Aakersø

Obesity & NASH

Martin Husebø

Diabetes & Digital Health

Biopharm partnering

Nassim Baiou

Biopharm business development

Geraldine Ng

Biopharm business development