Join Innovation in Action 2019

Ready to show Novo Nordisk your talent?

Bring your ideas to life at Novo Nordisk’s case competition Innovation in Action for Master’s students from all academic backgrounds. During the 1-day workshop, you and your group will work together to find an innovative solution to a real business challenge Novo Nordisk is facing.

In 2019 Innovation in Action took place on October 4th where we welcomed 50 students from 29 nationalities and 36 study lines. The next Innovation in Action case competition will take place in autumn 2020. 


This year’s case: Motivating patients through innovation

For over 95 years, Novo Nordisk has been proud to be making leading medicines within diabetes, obesity and other chronic serious diseases. However, unfortunately many patients still do not treat to target or achieve their desired health outcomes. Going beyond the product is a must in order to ensure that people living with diabetes, obesity and other serious chronic diseases receive the right support to achieve better outcomes. Patient motivation is key!

But what drives motivation when it comes to adhering to your treatment plan? We know patient support programmes and self-educational initiatives drive motivation and better treatment adherence, but there is still a gap. Help us bridge the gap by showcasing innovative solutions that focus on the unmet needs of the patient, to motivate them to stay on their treatment and succeed with their disease management. These solutions can be either digital or non-digital, and will be assessed on their simplicity and impact on the motivation of the patient.

Why join a case competition? 

The case competition is a 1-day intensive development process where students will be placed in groups of 5 - 7 people. The groups will be created across different educational backgrounds and be challenged to work together, using solution-based methodologies, to find an innovative solution to a real and relevant business challenge for Novo Nordisk. Each group will get the opportunity to present their best solution to a jury of Novo Nordisk employees.

A case competition also gives you:

  • A unique networking experience
  • An opportunity to feel the workplace atmosphere
  • Insights into the companies' business challenges
  • A chance to make an impact and create a change
  • Case solving skills
  • A confidence boost
  • A fun day!

The winning team will be offered “A day with Novo Nordisk” and a screening interview with assessment feedback. This is a great way to build relations with employees at Novo Nordisk and get a feeling about “How it’s really like to have a life-changing career!” 






"I learned a lot about Novo Nordisk at Innovation in Action, particularly the care that the company places on its employees and its products. Innovation in Action also paved the way for my internship at Novo Nordisk by exposing me to key figures in the organisation"


Dina Elnaggar, participant at Innovation in Action 2018, intern in Global Early Talent

Who can apply?

To apply for participation in Novo Nordisk’s Innovation in Action case competition you must be enrolled in a Master's programme and have a valid student ID. All academic backgrounds, specialisations, nationalities and universities are accepted.

To be selected you must demonstrate that you have a creative and innovative mind-set. This should be done by sending your CV and a short motivation letter describing: 

“What is your contribution to this year’s challenge at Innovation in Action?”

In short we are looking for:

• Enrolled Master's students from all academic backgrounds

• Talented, innovative mind-sets eager to solve our challenge

• Team-players

Previous Events

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Innovation in Action is a unique networking opportunity


The students work in diverse teams to come up with innovative solutions to a real life business challenge



With over 41,600 employees in 80  countries, our culture is as diverse as our geographical spread encouraging an open, honest, respectful, healthy and innovative working environment across national and functional borders.