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The video is from the Innovation in Action 2017 case competition, where Novo Nordisk invited 42 talented graduate students from all academic backgrounds to Corporate Headquarters in Bagsværd. 

The topic was children with Type 1 Diabetes. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be confusing and worrying for children. They may struggle to understand their condition and find it difficult to explain to friends and others around them. Learning through play puts diabetes management into a language that children can understand, helps reduce fears and barriers and gives them the opportunity to better understand diabetes and how to find a good balance living with it. We were calling for an innovative approach on planning the rollout for a dialogue tool created to help children with diabetes enjoy a better childhood by offering playful education and support.






"At Innovation in Action I gained a unique insight into the Novo Nordisk Way and how much is done to help patients carry the burden of living with a chronic disease. This inspired me to apply for a graduate position"


Isabella Østerlund, participant at Innovation in Action 2017, is now employed as a Statistical Programming Graduate

Innovation in Action 2018

It takes more than medicine to change the lives of millions of patients living with diabetes around the world. This year’s case will be built upon digital health solutions in order to address unmet needs for people with diabetes and strengthen Novo Nordisk’s leadership in diabetes care.

The case competition is a 1-day intensive development process where students will be placed in groups of 5 - 7 people. The groups will be created across different educational backgrounds and be challenged to work together, to find an innovative solution to a real and relevant business challenge for Novo Nordisk. Ultimately the groups will present their best solution to a jury of Novo Nordisk employees.


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Who can apply?

To apply for participation in Novo Nordisk Innovation in Action case competition you must be enrolled in a master's programme and have a valid student ID. All academic backgrounds, specialisations, nationalities and universities are accepted.

To be selected you must demonstrate that you have a creative and innovative mind-set. This should be done when answering the selected video-recorded question when you apply. You should also upload your CV in English.

In short we are looking for:

  • Enrolled master's students from all academic backgrounds
  • Creative and innovative mind-set
  • Team-players 
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INNOVATION IN ACTION 2018 is open for applications!




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