Fotograf Peter Nørby
Esromgade 15, opg 2, st.
2200 København N
Tlf. +45 21262146

See the whole site with more than 15 factories from above and go into selected spots to see some of our production system.

Visit the site in virtual reality.

Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

History shows us that newcomers find it quite easy to build a network of like-minded people. Apart from the vast number of new streetwise colleagues you will get in Novo Nordisk, other businesses in the area also employ many different kinds of people and many are like you looking for a new network. Some find it through hobbies and sports, while some find likeminded spirits through a very active social network group for newcomers.

The landscape offers rich opportunity for relaxation and special moments with family or friends. With beaches, woods, hills, fields and meadows, even the surroundings are diverse. If you like to be close to nature and in fresh air you will enjoy living in the Kalundborg area.

You can easily drive to the Novo Nordisk site, and there is a train station right next to  the Novo Nordisk site– making railroad transportation a very competitive alternative.