Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and the world leader in diabetes care. We know that we cannot create all the answers in-house, so we actively engage in collaborations with academia and simultaneously welcome innovation and talented young scientists through our fellowship programme - our future depends on our ability to work with the best scientists with the competencies we need.

To support this, Novo Nordisk has for more than 20 years driven several dedicated fellowship programmes for joint PhD and postdoc projects. These focus on generating new knowledge and skills, investigating a needed research or technology question, and strengthening the recruitment base for Novo Nordisk R&D.

Departments or project groups across Novo Nordisk R&D therefore from time to time achieve internal or external funding to hire individual PhD or postdoctoral candidates for such a project, and open positions are posted as job openings at the Novo Nordisk career website.

The novoSTAR programme,  is a gateway to a life-changing career. With access to state-of-the-art technology we are able to fast track from basic/applied research to new innovative medicines, and in collaboration with our R&D organisation, the novoSTAR fellow will work to help change the lives of patients.

To ensure that the funding is used in line with the company’s research strategies, the novoSTAR project applications must be initiated by a Novo Nordisk scientist, who after approval will be the supervisor of the project together with a university supervisor. This means that it is not possible to apply directly for a novoSTAR fellowship.

The project proposals are normally created jointly by a Novo Nordisk scientist and an academic scientist, often together with an identified candidate. Therefore, candidates may enter into a PhD or postdoc project with Novo Nordisk either through connections with relevant Novo Nordisk or university scientists, or by applying to a job ad at the Novo Nordisk career website (for approved PhD or postdoc novoSTAR project without a candidate). Unsolicited applications unfortunately cannot be considered.

The Novo Nordisk-Oxford Fellowship is Novo Nordisk’s elite postdoc programme with the University of Oxford:

Furthermore, Novo Nordisk participates in a number of industry-academia collaborations and consortia supported by EU funding (such as IMI or Horizon2020 MSCA), which also includes a number of postdoc and PhD projects at the company. 

Meet us

Meet us

Interested candidates will have the opportunity to speak with Novo Nordisk representatives to discuss career aspirations, gain insight into the organization and ask questions. Come find us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year!