Prafull G Ghandi, Novo Nordsisk R&D, Denmark.

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Prafull G Ghandi, Novo Nordsisk R&D, Denmark.


We must stay alert and seek to reconcile the inevitable dilemmas that arise as technology offers new opportunities in research and development and as societal attitudes and norms change.

Bioethics is the term we use for all ethical issues related to the use of life science technologies for the discovery, development and production of pharmaceutical products. 

Recognising and understanding the ethical implications of our business is an ongoing process. Bioethical considerations are a natural part of our decision-making processes and we have learnt from engagements with stakeholders.

This approach has enabled us to raise ethical standards, frame the Novo Nordisk Bioethics Policy and positions, and to develop new guidelines and working procedures.

Our bioethics policy

Our bioethics policy sets our general operational guidelines and is consistent with our objective: to strive to be economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally sound by considering each of these elements when making business decisions.

Hanne Bodenhoff and Simone K. Nielsen, Novo Nordisk Denmark.

Hanne Bodenhoff and Simone K. Nielsen, Novo Nordisk Denmark

Our bioethics policy states that we:

  • Continuously improve our performance
  • Promote bioethical awareness in Novo Nordisk
  • Operate by high ethical global standards in research involving people, animals, human materials and gene technology
  • Require adherence to high ethical standards by our external partners, contract research organisations and suppliers, and monitor their performance
  • Engage in stakeholder dialogue and partnerships helping us to deal with ethical dilemmas
  • Act in accordance with international conventions

Getting our priorities right

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E-learning tools on ethical decision-making

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