Semaglutide superior to dulaglutide on glucose control and weight loss in people ... Read more


Changes in Novo Nordisk Executive Management ... Read more


Semaglutide superior to dulaglutide on glucose control and weight loss in people ... Read more


Changes in Novo Nordisk Executive Management ... Read more


Trading in Novo Nordisk shares by board members, executives and associated perso ... Read more


Novo Nordisk A/S - Share repurchase programme ... Read more

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Novo Nordisk News

Changes in Executive Management

15 October - As of 1 October, Camilla Sylvest, senior vice president in charge of Novo Nordisk’s operations in Region China, has been appointed executive vice president in charge of Commercial Strategy & Corporate Affairs. Camilla will be overall responsible for the corporate functions in marketing, market access, strategy, communication, stakeholder relations and sustainability. Doug Langa, senior vice president, head of North America Operations and president of Novo Nordisk Inc, is promoted to executive vice president.

Read more about Camilla Sylvest and the whole announcement

Camilla Sylvest

Obesity research

2017 half-year results: 8% increase in reported operating profit 

Sales increased by 4% in Danish kroner.

9 August -  Sales within diabetes and obesity care increased by 11% to DKK 47.5 billion (10% in local currencies). Sales within biopharmaceuticals declined by 19% to DKK 9.6 billion (20% in local currencies), primarily reflecting an impact from the introduction of a generic version of the hormone replacement therapy Vagifem® product and from rebate adjustments for human growth hormone in Q1 2016, both in the USA, whereas sales within haemophilia was unchanged.

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, president and CEO: “We're well on track to deliver on our targets for 2017 based on sales growth driven by our new, innovative products within diabetes and obesity care and a continued focus on cost control. Although the formulary negotiations in the USA reflect the tough competitive environment, we remain confident that our long-term financial growth targets are achievable.”

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Victoza® approved in the EU as the only GLP-1 to include prevention of cardiovascular events in the label

27 July - The European Commission has approved an update to the Victoza® (liraglutide) EU label that expands the indication to reflect both improving blood sugar and cardiovascular (CV) events as integral parts of type 2 diabetes treatment. Victoza® is the only GLP-1 that is proven to prevent CV events in people with type 2 diabetes and high CV risk

"Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for people with type 2 diabetes and requires treatment strategies that can tackle both blood glucose and cardiovascular risk to help improve outcomes,” said Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice president and chief science officer of Novo Nordisk. 

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New beginnings

With millions displaced by war, business has a key role in helping refugees integrate, contribute and flourish in society. Each individual you meet has their own personal backstory of despair and upheaval. Days on end spent on an over-crowded boat, bobbing on the Mediterranean. Families fragmented and dispersed. Careers and livelihoods abruptly curtailed.

Read the story about refugees in our programmes

Novo Nordisk refugee programmes

The hidden talents

Imagine that you perceive the noise level in the canteen as 100 times louder, and that even minor changes in your daily life cause you to lose your overview. Such is life for 28-year-old Louise Wille, who has Asperger’s and ADHD.

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Louise Wille

Novo Nordisk and Glooko partner to develop digital health solutions 

Novo Nordisk and Glooko will work together to deliver jointly-developed and branded digital health solutions for people with diabetes. The companies aim to deliver personalised, digital services to support people with diabetes in areas including treatment adherence and blood glucose management. Read all the details

Sarah Ahmed from Ethopia has type 1 diabetes

Novo Nordisk committed to guarantee access to insulin

Access to reliable and affordable supplies of insulin is a challenge for many in the poorest nations in the world. Lars Rebien Sørensen has pledged to extend the current programme from 2001 and expand Novo Nordisk's commitment to supply human insulin at fixed low prices to the Least Developed Countries and low-income nations; the programme will now be extended to cover selected organisations providing relief in humanitarian situations.

Read all the details about Novo Nordisk's programme on access to insulin

The diabetes challenge - get an overview of Novo Nordisk's commitment 


EASD 2017

Digital health is not a free lunch...

Read the new issue, eg the story about a team of anthropologists that travelled to the US to take a closer look at digital health solutions. What they uncovered was that much more than health data is being shared in the digital ecosystem. And read more!

Annual report 2016

Novo Nordisk in brief

Get an instant impression of what Novo Nordisk is about, see the numbers and read about partnership activities that drive change. 

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Novo Nordisk Stories

Views on obesity

The view on obesity is slowly changing, but there are still many myths about the disease that all contribute to creating barriers for proper treatment.

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