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Novo Nordisk acquires Ziylo Ltd to accelerate its development of glucose responsive insulins

17 August - Ziylo and Novo Nordisk A/S today announced that Novo Nordisk has acquired all the shares of Ziylo, UK. Ziylo has been pioneering the use of their platform technology – synthetic glucose binding molecules – for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

“We believe the glucose binding molecules discovered by the Ziylo team together with Novo Nordisk world-class insulin capabilities have the potential to lead to the development of glucose responsive insulins which we hope can remove the risk of hypoglycaemia and ensure optimal glucose control for people with diabetes,” said Marcus Schindler, SVP, Global Drug Discovery, Novo Nordisk.

Read more about Ziylo and glucose responsive insulins in the full press release 


Novo Nordisk's operating profit decreased by 8% in Danish kroner and increased by 4% in local currencies in the first six months of 2018

8 August - In the financial report for the first six months of 2018, Novo Nordisk's sales decreased by 5% in Danish kroner and increased by 4% in local currencies to DKK 54.3 billion.

  • Sales of Victoza® increased by 2% to DKK 11.7 billion (12% in local currencies).
  • Sales of Saxenda® increased by 35% to DKK 1.7 billion (50% in local currencies).
  • Sales of Tresiba® were unchanged at DKK 3.7 billion (increased by 11% in local currencies).
  • Sales of Xultophy® increased by 154% to DKK 720 million (165% in local currencies).
  • Sales in North America Operations decreased by 10% (unchanged in local currencies).
  • Sales in International Operations increased by 1% (8% in local currencies).

Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, president and CEO: “Sales growth in the first half of 2018 was driven by solid performance of our key innovative products: Victoza®, Tresiba®, Xultophy® and Saxenda®, and the launch of Ozempic® is off to a good start in North America. We are encouraged about the clinical trial results for oral semaglutide and we are looking forward to making the first oral GLP-1 treatment available for people with type 2 diabetes.”

Read the full announcement 


Towards a cure

August - Twenty years after Jacob Sten Petersen embarked upon a career in diabetes research, his own daughter Vita was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Here he reflects on his very personal motivation to achieve a cure for type 1 diabetes and on the progress of Novo Nordisk’s stem cell research. 

Watch the video with Jacob and Vita and read the full story

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Christian Honoré working in the stem cell facilities in the Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk increases commitment to stem cell-based therapies

14 May - Through the increased commitment to stem cell-based therapies we also expand the focus on type 1 diabetes into other serious chronic diseases. This is possible through an exclusive collaboration with the University of California San Francisco in which a first milestone in the development of human embryonic stem cell lines has been reached.

“Finding a cure for diabetes is part of Novo Nordisk’s vision and recent progress in our stem cell research and the access to robust and high-quality cell lines raises hopes for people with type 1 diabetes. Our collaboration with UCSF is also expected to accelerate current and future partnerships to develop stem cell-based therapies for treatment of other serious chronic diseases”, said Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, executive vice president and chief science officer of Novo Nordisk.

Read more about the partnerships and stem cell-based therapy at Novo Nordisk


Red Cross and Novo Nordisk in ground-breaking partnership to tackle chronic care in humanitarian crises

Many more people are today affected by chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) than by communicable diseases. This is not reflected in resources for health in general and much less in humanitarian crises.   

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Danish Red Cross (DRC) and Novo Nordisk have announced a partnership to tackle the growing issue of chronic diseases that affect millions of people living in humanitarian crises around the world. The partnership has three building blocks:

  • Ensuring efficient supply of low-cost human insulin in vials to Red Cross operations globally  
  • Novo Nordisk support for ICRC’s and DRC’s health programmes, including efforts to improve NCD prevention and care
  • 2-3 projects to provide care to people with hypertension and diabetes in humanitarian crises to be conducted within three years

“Our three organisations are committed to addressing these unmet health needs through an explorative partnership that combines our respective areas of expertise,” says Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, CEO of Novo Nordisk.

Anders Ladekarl, secretary general in the Danish Red Cross adds: “As partner organisations we will use our influence and scale to do more to address the needs of people living with NCDs in humanitarian crisis, and advocate together with other humanitarian and health actors to promote this agenda. This partnership is a first step in realising our collective aspiration that all people with NCDs in humanitarian settings have access to care.”

Read CEO Lars Fruergaard's reflections and more about the partnership


400 million people worldwide living with diabetes

Marguerite is one of them. And to her 'approach' is everything.

She has struggled with weight her entire life. Making healthy choices for her has always been a challenge; she was dealt a hard hand early in life when she lost her mother at a young age. She struggled to cope with her loss and found solace in food.

After law studies, Marguerite's career as an associate professor of Law at Texas Southern University took off, it left little time and energy to prioritise cooking and exercise. Over the years, Marguerite did receive health advice, which was often provided in a perfunctory manner or even in a condescending tone. 

Cities Changing Diabetes

Obesity became prediabetes and then type 2 diabetes. Now, at age 62, she's finally succeeding with changes in her life. It basically took someone asking her “how are you?” Marguerite, in turn, has a simple ask to anyone providing health advice to people with diabetes: Look beyond BMI and blood sugar levels - have a conversation with that person so they can truly understand why they need to make changes.

Watch Marguerite tell her story (6:36 min) and keep updated about Cities Changing Diabetes

Read ‘Bending the curve on diabetes’ (report, 2017)


Including the excluded

If you met Alvin Moustgaard on the street, you would struggle to notice anything out of the ordinary about him. Courteous, well-spoken and extremely bright, you wouldn’t guess that he has lived with an autism diagnosis since the age of 10.

“Read about the project that looks at talent in a new way"

Project opportunity

The mother of molecules

Lotte Bjerre Knudsen talks about how she turned an “underdog project” into a treatment for millions of people with diabetes and obesity. Listen to the  podcast and hear Lotte reflect on her life inside and outside of the lab. 

Read and listen to the story

Lotte Bjerre Knudsen

Sarah Ahmed from Ethopia has type 1 diabetes

Novo Nordisk committed to guarantee access to insulin

Access to reliable and affordable supplies of insulin is a challenge for many in the poorest nations in the world. Lars Rebien Sørensen has pledged to extend the current programme from 2001 and expand Novo Nordisk's commitment to supply human insulin at fixed low prices to the Least Developed Countries and low-income nations; the programme will now be extended to cover selected organisations providing relief in humanitarian situations.

Read all the details about Novo Nordisk's programme on access to insulin

The diabetes challenge - get an overview of Novo Nordisk's commitment 


EASD 2018
01OctoberBerlin, Germany

Only 1 in 10 should live with diabetes

The Cities Changing Diabetes programme’s clear aim is to accelerate the global fight against urban diabetes. Status quo is not good enough. If we can reduce obesity by 25% globally, we can bend the diabetes curve so only 1 in 10 live with diabetes.

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Annual report 2017

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