Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen

Monique Carter

Maziar Mike Doustdar

Ludovic Helfgott

Karsten Munk Knudsen

Doug Langa

Martin Holst Lange, Executive vice president, head of Development

Marcus Schindler, Executive Vice President for Research & Early Development and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Camilla Sylvest

Henrik Wulff

The Board of Directors appoints members of Executive Management and determines its remuneration.

The Chairmanship reviews the performance of the executives. As part of the Organisational Development Process, the Chairmanship identifies successors to executives and presents the names of such candidates to the Board for approval.


The Executive Management has established a number of executive committees to assist or implement Executive Management's decisions. To ensure the organisational implementation of our strategy, Executive Management has established a Management Board consisting of the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents.

Further, executive committees include the Research Portfolio Committee responsible for management of the research portfolio and the early device portfolio, the Product Development Committee responsible for management of the product development and device portfolios and the Disclosure Committee overseeing Novo Nordisk’s disclosures to the capital markets.