About the Graduate Programme
at Novo Nordisk

A Novo Nordisk graduate programme is a 2-year learning journey that will take you through a minimum of three job rotations, with at least one based in our corporate headquarters in Denmark and another in one of our global affiliates.

During the programme, you will gain a deep understanding of our company, our business, and our company values. You will be included in and drive global and national projects, as well as build a strong international network of professional and dedicated colleagues.

After successfully completing the programme, you will have the necessary professional and personal skills to embark on your global career with a position at Novo Nordisk – perhaps as a project manager, brand or product manager, internal consultant or executive assistant.

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A learning journey

Our graduate programmes provide a flexible career path with the opportunity to develop your own individual career. Opportunities for professional and personal development include:

Introduction: Learn about Novo Nordisk, our business segments, product portfolio, management framework and governance structure.

Training: Take part in intensive training for both professional and personal development.

Rotations: Complete a minimum of three job rotations, with at least one based in our corporate headquarters in Denmark and another in one of our global affiliates.

Mentoring: Get support from your programme manager who takes care of your overall development throughout your journey and a daily manager who is responsible for your development during each rotation.

Management exposure: Interact with international management throughout your rotations.

Networking: Gain knowledge and advice from professional and dedicated colleagues throughout the global organisation, including past graduates.

“I feel that the graduate programme is like a climbing wall. It will always be challenging, but it is up to you just how challenging you make it for yourself. You can choose how difficult the path is that you follow and therefore how big the personal reward is. I like this freedom and the trust that the company has in you to make your own personal choice.”

Maria Christiansen, former R&D Regulatory Affairs graduate

“The graduate programme made me realise that Novo Nordisk did not provide me a job, but it provided me a career”

Sreedipto Bhattacharyya, former International Operations P&O graduate

When are we hiring and are you qualified?

For the positions as a Graduate starting in September 2020, the application deadline has passed - stay tuned for updates on Graduate positions in 2021.

We are looking for candidates with: 

• A relevant master’s degree and above average academic achievements

• International experience, for example from studying a full semester abroad, working or volunteering

• Relevant work experience or extracurricular activities obtained next to your studies

• An international outlook and the ability to adapt quickly to change

• A team-player mindset, excellent communication skills, high drive and an eagerness to learn

• Professional fluency in English, and who are globally mobile