Working at Novo Nordisk

Life-changing careers

From abundant opportunities to develop and work across the world, to the built-in purpose of improving the lives of millions with the work we do, a career at Novo Nordisk is truly life-changing. See for yourself in the video below

We’re Inspired by life

We are a proud life-science company, and life is our reason to exist. We’re inspired by life in all its forms and shapes, ups and downs, opportunities and challenges.

For employees at Novo Nordisk, life means many things – from the building blocks of life that form the basis of groundbreaking scientific research, to our rich personal lives that motivate and energize us to perform out best at work.

Ultimately, life is why we’re all here­­—to ensure that people can lead a life independent of chronic disease. Millions rely on us.


We’re always curious, never standing still

Change is a constant. Change in lifestyle, change in technology, change all over. At Novo Nordisk, we don’t wait for change. We drive it.

We’re a dynamic company in an even more dynamic industry, and we know that what got us to where we are today is not necessarily what will make us successful in the future. That’s why we strive for continuous development.

We don’t shy away from opportunities to develop, we seize them. From research and development, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales – we’re all working to move the needle on patient care.  


Together we drive change 

Careers are made of people, and Novo Nordisk is its people. We value our employees for the unique skills they bring to the table, and we work continuously to bring out the best in them.

At Novo Nordisk, you have the freedom to act. We embrace the spirit of experimentation, striving for excellence without fixating on perfection. You’re trusted to make a difference.

We know that change doesn’t come from siloed thinking. That's why we rely on the pooled expertise of our more than 40,000 employees. Together we are life changing.