Turn your master’s degree into a global career​ from September 2025!

‎Our global Graduate Programme is designed to bring together change makers with a diversity of perspectives and equip them with the tools needed to accelerate their personal and professional development. The two-year programme allows you to explore the world while developing your career. You will be taken on three to four rotations around the globe where you will work in a fast-paced environment and grow in ways you never could have imagined. You will be exposed to the entire Novo Nordisk value chain while being challenged to explore your boundaries and reach your full potential. 

After successfully completing the programme, you will have the necessary professional and personal skills to embark on your global career with the guarantee of a position at Novo Nordisk.​ 

2025 graduate careers: We open for applications 1 November 2024 for graduate careers starting 1 September 2025.

Register your interest via our Global Talent Hub and sign up for our Job Agent to stay up to date around the graduate programme, available internships and other relevant vacancies.

Applicants must have a recent and relevant Master’s degree* and international experience; for example, from studying a full semester abroad, working or volunteering for a minimum of four to six months.

We imagine that you have no more than one year of relevant work experience after graduation, above average academic achievements, and the ability to relocate internationally. In addition, Novo Nordisk’s corporate language is English, so you will be fluent in written and spoken English.

*If you are applying for one of our graduate positions in Latin America the Master’s degree criteria is waived. Instead, you have a Bachelor’s degree and one to two years of relevant full-time work experience at the time of application. If you have a Master’s degree, then you should have a maximum of one year work experience.

Application is possible at this site from 1 November – 30 November 2024.

January 2025: First interviews take place 

Early February 2025: Graduate Recruitment Centre (attendance on one day only)

February-March 2025: Second interviews take place and offers extended

Step 1:

Find out which track(s) is/are relevant for you! If you’re in doubt, please check the Graduate Programme Brochure and explore the best fit based on your educational background and interests.  You can also learn more about the different graduate programme tracks and meet us at our different career events around the world! 

Step 2:

When you have found the best fit for your profile and career aspirations, please go ahead, and apply by following the application process.

After filling in details about you and your educational background, you will be asked to upload your CV, latest transcript, and a motivational letter. The motivational letter is your chance to show us why you are a great fit for the Novo Nordisk Graduate Programme!

In the motivational letter please share with us

  • Your motivation – why do you want to join the pharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk, and the Graduate Programme
  • Your expectations – what are your expectations of the graduate programme and how will the programme support your career aspirations
  • Your fit – which personal and professional competences makes you a great fit for the programme

When applying please make sure you have your CV and a transcript of your latest grades ready.

Step 3:

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an initial online or phone interview with the programme manager or a local HR representative. The candidates who are not invited for an interview will be notified by e-mail.

Step 4:

The successful candidates will be invited to the virtual Graduate Recruitment Centre, where they will take part in team and individual exercises. Feedback will be provided to the candidates who attended the Graduate Recruitment Centre.

Step 5:

This is the final step in the recruitment process. After the Graduate Recruitment Centre, the final pool of candidates will be invited for a second interview. Personality and aptitude assessments will form part of these interviews and the graduate programme positions will subsequently be offered to the selected candidates. Feedback will be provided to the candidates who attend final interview stage.

The Graduate Programme is a two-year, global career journey with a minimum of three rotations including at least one rotation outside your home country. The destination depends on the specific graduate programme track but it could for instance be in the Novo Nordisk Headquarters office in Copenhagen, Denmark, our International Operations (IO) Strategic Head Office in Zurich, an IO Regional Office or one of our many affiliates.

The Graduate Programme is Novo Nordisk’s flagship ‘Talent programme’. Many top leaders started their journey in Novo Nordisk as part of the graduate programme, including our CEO Lars Fruergaard Jorgensen.

The objective of having a Graduate Programme is to strengthen the pipeline of potential future leaders and specialists within Novo Nordisk, and to attract, recruit and retain young talents who will grow into key positions in the future.

This is done by selecting skilled and highly motivated graduates from global universities and advancing them through a demanding two-year programme; providing them with increasingly challenging tasks and a chance to develop a strong professional network.

Applications for graduate positions starting in September 2025 is possible from 1 November 2024 until 30 November 2024.

Check out the different track presentations and find the relevant programme.

Register your interest in our Global Talent Hub and sign up for our Job Agent to stay up to date about available internships and other relevant vacancies. Check out the current vacant positions for permanent positions here and now

During the recruitment period we usually have a live chat where you can get in touch with some of our current graduates. We also host a series of webinars providing key insights into our life-changing Graduate Programme.

You also have other opportunities to meet us. Join us online or in person at our upcoming events to hear more about life at Novo Nordisk and what it’s like to be a graduate. Find the Event calendar here.

Check out our Graduate Programme Brochure on our website and find out which programme track best fits your study background and interests. Please note that you can apply for more than one programme track.

You are welcome to apply for more than one track. However, we recommend you to carefully consider which tracks you will apply for and your motivation for doing so. You will have to make an individual application for each programme track and we encourage you to only apply for the tracks that you would be truly excited to join.

No, our corporate language is English, so speaking Danish is definitely not a requirement.

Be yourself and share why Novo Nordisk is the company you want to work for. What motivates you and why do you think being a graduate could be amazing. We would like to know who YOU are.

Yes, as long as you plan to graduate within the same year that you are starting in a graduate position. It is also accepted if you have not received your official graduate diploma before starting in the Graduate Programme, as long as you have finished your studies and are just waiting for the official papers.

This position is designed as an entry-level role, and while many graduates join the program directly after their studies, we also consider candidates with up to one year of post-graduate experience.

Previous pharmaceutical work experience is not a requirement to apply for the programme. What is ‘relevant’ work or internship experience depends on which track you choose to apply for. 

Yes, the Graduate Programme is a full-time position, and we offer a competitive entry level salary. The compensation and benefits package includes components such as pension and health insurance, based on local terms and is applicable to the country you are hired in.

Yes, all nationalities can apply to the programme. If selected, Novo Nordisk helps you secure your work visa. 

While the Global tracks are anchored in our Global Headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the International Operations (IO) tracks are anchored in affiliates or regional offices around the world. 

International Operations (IO) is the largest operational unit in Novo Nordisk and covers more than 190 countries. IO is split into seven regions, spread across every continent of the globe with a head office (IO Strategic Operations) based in Zurich, Switzerland.

If you need to relocate to Denmark to join the Graduate Programme, we can support you in finding a place to live. It will be in central Copenhagen with easy access to public transport and close to, or living with, other graduates. This is a great way of starting to build a network when living in a new country.

If you start in the International Operations Business, Finance or HR Programme track, you will need to be relocated if you are not a resident in the country. If you are a resident in the country you start your graduate journey in, then accommodation in the first rotation will be your full responsibility

For all programme tracks you will receive full support when going on your international rotation(s), so you won’t have to worry about the practicalities around the relocation process.

The number and length of the rotations vary according to the track you are in. In most tracks you will have three rotations of 8 months and in others you will have four rotations of six months.  At least one rotation will be international, not counting the country you start your graduate journey in. Please refer to the respective job ad for each track for further details.

You will join a host department as an equal member of the team. You will typically rotate in areas of the business where the Graduate Programme is well known and respected, where you are empowered by managers who trust you with key responsibilities and exciting tasks; expecting you to deliver high quality, whilst continuously keeping your development in focus.

There is no fixed plan for your international rotation(s) when you join the Graduate Programme. Depending on factors such as business needs, available projects, and especially your professional and personal development, the Programme Managers will make sure to find a rotation for you that allows you to learn, develop and contribute in one of our 80 offices worldwide.

There are plenty of people in the organisation who are ready to help and guide you during the Graduate Programme. As a graduate you will have a Programme Manager who will guide and mentor you during the full two years of the programme. In each rotation you will also have a host manager who will support you in your daily work and throughout the six to eight months in their department. In addition, we also have a strong graduate network in Novo Nordisk, consisting of both current and former graduates who are always ready to offer advice.

The programme is designed to prepare you for a career in Novo Nordisk, hence the programme management will support you in finding a position in the company. In the IO Business programme track you are expected to take up a position in your home country or region after the programme. 

Meet us

Meet us

Interested candidates will have the opportunity to speak with Novo Nordisk representatives to discuss career aspirations, gain insight into the organization and ask questions. Come find us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year!