We have a longstanding heritage of driving innovation in our main therapy areas. In recent years, we have also significantly increased our focus on partnering and fostering external innovation to the next level to expand and sharpen the competitiveness of our internal efforts.

We believe that partnerships come down to creating more value together than we each could alone. More scientific breakthroughs. More discoveries. More expertise. More impact.

By combining innovative ideas with the experience of bringing them to life, we can create value greater than the sum of its parts. 

  • Novel mechanisms and disease modifying therapies in type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Next generation innovation in insulin and GLP-1/incretin-based therapies

  • Novel and/or complementary approaches to energy intake and energy expenditure regulation
  • Quality of weight loss and co-morbidity improvements, as well as transformational prevention approaches

  • Novel bypassing agents, cell and gene-therapies within rare blood disorders
  • Rare adrenal, pituitary and growth diseases within rare endocrine disorders

  • Novel modalities for chronic heart failure and atherosclerosis 
  • Anti-inflammatory or other novel MoAs across multiple indications

  • Proteins and peptides: Expanding our core expertise in discovering and developing therapeutic proteins, peptides and antibodies as well as alternative delivery of biologics, e.g., oral or extended release
  • RNA-based therapies: Biological processes to silence and alter genes that cause or contribute to diseases, as well as tissue targeting technologies
  • Gene therapies: Targeting the DNA to deliver a true cure for genetic diseases
  • Cell therapy: Specialised cells for regenerative or curative cell therapies
  • Emerging, novel and next-generation technologies: Disruptive and emerging technology platforms

  • Digital: Solutions to improve outcomes and adherence through digital therapeutics, diagnostics, monitoring, prediction of disease progression and risk management
  • Data: To improve patient outcomes and drug discovery through access and products in patient, clinical, non-clinical data, discovery, research, analytics and scientific data sources
  • Diagnostics: To identify the right patient, predict and diagnose the disease and comorbidities, monitor outcomes and treatment response through in vitro, behavioural and digital tests 
  • Devices: Connected solutions to enable patient insight and simple to use delivery systems