Novo Nordisk’s Bio Innovation Hub is an R&D unit based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designed to bring cutting-edge life science innovation from bench to bedside through co-creation partnerships with biotechs and academics. The Hub drives a externally anchored portfolio of projects which Novo Nordisk and our partners are able to complement each other’s capabilities.

We bring more than just funding into our partnerships—we also bring our deep disease understanding, as well as, 100 years of translational and drug development capabilities to accelerate the process of bringing innovative ideas into the hands of people living with chronic diseases.  

Our strategic focus lies within cardiometabolic and rare endocrine and blood disorders and we aspire not only to treat diseases, but also to reverse, cure and prevent them, by exploring new modalities and new types of therapies.

Based in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the world’s most vibrant life science ecosystems, the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub puts forward access to the knowledge and resources innovators need to take their ideas to the next level.

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The Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub combines the reach of a global biopharma with the keen eye of a biotech to co-create breakthrough ideas that will change the way we treat disease. Leveraging Novo Nordisk’s 100-year history of successfully bringing life-changing medicines to patients, we help others fill the gaps in the disease space and drug development process by connecting ideas and teams to a breadth of disease and drug development experts within our Global R&D organization.

The Bio Innovation Hub is a Transformational Research Unit within Research and Early Development which has a certain level of autonomy while also being anchored within Novo Nordisk’s R&D organization. The Hub’s team consists of multi-disciplinary experts in diverse fields (such as disease biology, medical devices, peptide & medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, and pre-clinical and clinical drug development), working to find the best way to work together to develop your idea.

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Our strategic focus lies within cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and NASH – as well as rare diseases like growth disorders, hemophilia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and sickle cell disease. We aspire not only to treat these diseases, but also to reverse, cure and prevent them, by exploring new modalities and new types of therapies.

Innovative technologies that enable and enhance treatments and are needed to support research, and the development and production of therapeutics. We are interested in cocreating solutions that include:

  • Novel biomarker approaches – better identification of specific patient segments, disease prediction and progression.
  • Data and digital science — chemical, molecular, preclinical, and patient models that can reduce the time and the number of iterations needed to develop a new therapeutic.
  • Devices and delivery solutions — improvements to convenience, affordability, sustainability, and adherence to treatments, including digital health solutions. 


Our team comprises diverse skills and experts within the R&D value chain including employees on short or long term assignments from different areas of the global R&D unit. 

Uli Stilz, Vice President of the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Hub

Martin Ebro, Innovation Lead

Emiliano Cló, Scientific Advisor

Jesper Getreuer, Strategy & Operations

Christian Schrøder Kaas

Christine Y. Ivashchenko, Director of Scientific Projects, visiting scientist at WI/MIT

Jakob Schiøler Hansen

Sebastian Beck Jørgensen, Senior Medical Advisor

Ja Young Kim-Muller