Internships for bachelor and master students

Are you looking for an exciting hands-on learning opportunity to supplement your studies? Would you like to combine your bachelor’s or master’s thesis with an internship? At Novo Nordisk it’s possible to do both!

Novo Nordisk is looking for all students enrolled in university, who would like to gain professional experience while studying, or would like to combine their project work or bachelor’s/master’s thesis with an internship.

Internship working hours consist of 18-37 per week, depending on your needs and study plans. Join the Novo Nordisk Internship Program for a unique opportunity to turn theories into practice and to develop your skills and network for the future.


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Use an internship to get inspiration for your thesis (in Danish)
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Meet intern Nickels Köhling


  • Flexible working hours – from 18 to 37 hours a week
  • Possibility of combining internship with thesis  
  • Length 3 - 6 months
  • The internship is paid
  • For students enrolled in a Bachelor or Master degree


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Novo Nordisk in brief

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