More than 100 Internships for bachelor/master students

Are you looking for an exciting hands-on learning opportunity to supplement your studies? Would you like to combine your bachelor’s or master’s thesis with an internship? In Novo Nordisk it’s possible to do both! 

The application period for the Spring 2018 internship positions is now open.

As something new, Novo Nordisk has recently extended its internship programme to all students enrolled in university, who would like to combine an internship with lectures at university, project work, or their bachelor’s/ master’s thesis. Internships entail working a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 37 hours a week, depending on your wish and study plans. It is an exciting opportunity for a unique learning experience and a chance to turn theories into practice.

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We have clustered job opportunities per focus area below.
Apply no later than 9 November 2017.

Marketing, communication & HR
Marketing internship in Device Strategy and Marketing

Communication internship in Sustainability Management & Reporting

Insights & Forecasting internship in Global Marketing

Communication and Event Management internship in  CS & CA

Global Marketing internship in Customer Insights

Organisational Psychology Student with focus on wellbeing


Finance, Economics, Business & Strategy
Finance internship in Corporate Facilities Finance

Management Support internship in RA Business Support

Business Support internship in Business Assurance

Business Support internship in Training

Business Support internship in Compliance Portfolio Management

Three internships in Health Advocacy

Project Management internship in Global Medical Affairs

Quality internship in MARS Quality

Business Management internship in Regulatory Operations      

Global Labelling Operations internship in Regulatory Operations

Clinical Trial Application internship in Regulatory Operations

Project Support internship in Global Submission Management

Business Analyst internship in API Business Support

Policy Internship in Regulatory Affairs

Business Analytics internship in Business Support

Publication management internship in Global Medical Affairs

Information Science internship in Global Information and Analysis


Engineering, Supply Chain & Manufacturing
Quality internship in Product Supply Quality

cLEAN® internship in Diabetes Finished Products

LEAN internship in Device Manufacturing & Sourcing

Project Execution internship in Project Office

Business Support internship in Contract & Local Manufacturing Ops.

Project Management internship in Business Support

Project Execution internship in Project Office

Change Management internship in Project Office

Project internship in Business Support

Sourcing Analytics & Risk Management internship in Strategic Sourcing

Supply Chain internship in Inbound Supply Management

Internship in Business Support, Training


Research & Development
CMC development internship in Stem Cell Development

Stem Cell Biology internship in Global Research

Analytical Chemistry internship in LC-MS Bioanalysis

Raw Material Analysis internship in CMC API Analytical Development

Data Scientist internship in Non-clinical Development

Pathology internship in Department of ToxicoPathology


IT & Computer Sciences
Analyst internship in Big Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence

IT Internship in Production IT Site

User Centricity and Business Intelligence internship in Corporate IT

Internship in IT


Negotiation & Contract Management internship in Strategic Sourcing

Use an internship to get inspiration for your thesis 
Working at Novo Nordisk




Meet intern Nickels Köhling


  • Flexible working hours – from 18 to 37 hours a week
  • Possibility of combining internship with thesis  
  • Length 3 - 12 months
  • The monthly salary is 8,000 DKK + pension
  • For students enrolled in a Bachelor or Master degree

    More than 100 Internships ahead! Apply now and no later than 9 November 2017.

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