At Novo Nordisk, we are committed to your development. You will have the opportunity to kick-start your career by working closely with experienced industry professionals and gaining valuable, hands-on, full-time work experience. You will be immersed in the environment of a global pharmaceutical company and contribute to the line of business by providing sustainable and meaningful project work.

We offer internship opportunities in various lines of business in our Denmark headquarters office and in affiliate offices around the world.

If you want to be considered for future internships available in our offices in Denmark, sign up for our Talent Pipelines. We fill most of our internships through Talent Pipelines. By signing up you will automatically be considered for all internship positions at Novo Nordisk which match your educational background and interests.

You can apply for our Talent Pipeline twice a year: in April and October. We evaluate the applications on an ongoing basis. If you match the needed qualifications you become part of the Talent Pipeline for 6 months. After this period, you need to apply again to ensure that you’re an active part of the pipeline.

For further descriptions of the Talent Pipelines, scroll down to read more. Be sure to keep an eye out on our career site to find the job postings for the Talent Pipelines. From time to time we also post specific positions that you may apply to directly. Internships in our affiliates outside Denmark are posted on our career site.

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We are looking for students who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree within communication, psychology, business administration, or other HR and communication-related educations. This Talent Pipeline addresses Internships within talent acquisition (recruitment), early talent, talent management and development, employer branding, communication, project management, training & learning, and administrative support.

We are looking for students who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering e.g. mechanical, chemical, production, innovation or another relevant field. This Talent Pipeline addresses Internships within data engineering and software engineering, production and test of production lines, automation disciplines, e.g. robotics, mechanical development and solutions, modelling (pilots, testing etc.), innovation- and process optimization and business support. 

We are looking for students who are currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, strategy, marketing, business analytics, business administration, economics, law or another relevant field. This Talent Pipeline addresses Internships within development and execution of business strategy, supply chain management, business intelligence, data analytics, advising and supporting within global legal affairs, legal governance and compliance, market research and customer insights, brand strategy development, and project management. 

This Talent Pipeline addresses Internships within digital innovation and transformation, data science and data engineering, software development, IT security, IT automation, IT support and operations and supply chain analytics.

We are looking for students who are currently pursuing their bachelor’s or master’s degree within life science, e.g. cell biology, human biology, biochemistry, bioengineering, medicine, pharmacy or another relevant fields to join our Talent Pipeline within Life Science. This Talent Pipeline addresses Internships within research and development, medicine, clinical science, quality control, stem cell biology, and regulatory affairs.

Our research and development organisation focus on the following therapy areas: diabetes, obesity, haemophilia, growth disorders, CVD and NASH. Internships are remunerated if your educational track allows. A Danish full-time work permit is required.

Applicants must be studying for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree (only for internships in the US) and ideally with a minimum of 1-2 years of studies left.  Novo Nordisk’s corporate language is English therefore you must be able to write and speak English fluently.

From time to time, we also post specific positions that you may apply to directly. Other available positions are advertised on the Jobs sectionYou can also sign up to our job agent to receive an email when a position matching your criteria becomes available.

Yes, all internship positions are paid opportunities.

The duration of an internship varies between Novo Nordisk office locations. We typically offer 3 - 6-month opportunities but also have 1 year and 10-12-week positions available as well.

Students are expected to work as close to full-time as possible, but flexible working hours may be available.

Available Talent Pipelines are posted on the jobs section in April and October every year. Other available internship positions are posted time to time on the jobs section as well.

No, you will be responsible for your own living and accommodations costs as an intern.

No, candidates coming from abroad will be responsible for finding their own accommodation.

No, international candidates are responsible for applying for the correct full-time work permit prior to starting in an internship position.

Yes, we encourage students to apply to as many Talent Pipelines and other available positions that are appropriate for their educational background and interest.

You are not guaranteed a permanent position after doing an internship. However, you will get the opportunity to establish a network in Novo Nordisk which could be beneficial for future career opportunities.

You can either sign up for the Global Talent Hub or come and meet us at one of career fair events. 

Meet us

Meet us

Interested candidates will have the opportunity to speak with Novo Nordisk representatives to discuss career aspirations, gain insight into the organization and ask questions. Come find us at one of the many events we attend throughout the year!