Upcoming events and meetings

Novo Nordisk attends partnering events all over the world, and we are always interested in exploring new opportunities for collaboration. Please contact us if you wish to arrange a meeting.

Date   Event Location
10-12/09/2019   NLS Days Malmö, Sweden
11-12/09/2019   BioPharm America 2018 Boston, US
13-16/09/2019   Heart Failure Society Philadelphia, US
16-20/09/2019   EASD Barcelona, Spain
24/09/2019   BioTuesday Event UK
2-4/10/2019   Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa La Jolla, US
15-16/10/2019   Cardiometabolic health congress Chicago, US
5-10/11/2019   American Society for Nephrology (ASN) San Diego, US
8-12/11/2019   AASLD – The liver meeting San Francisco, US
11-13/11/2019   BIO-Europe (EBD+BIO) Hamburg, Germany
28/11/2019   MATTO New Ventures Showcase Boston, US
10-11/12/2019   BIOFit Strasbourg, France

Partnering opportunities

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We are always looking to work with external partners that have complementary expertise to our own, both across our therapy areas and within each step of the pharmaceutical value. 

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Novo Nordisk is a global provider of advanced treatments for diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. We discover and develop innovative biological medicines and make them accessible to patients throughout the world.

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