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Novo Nordisk's R&D goal is simple: we innovate to improve the lives of people living with serious chronic diseases. To achieve this, we work in close collaboration with leading universities and biotech companies worldwide, and we continually seek new partners with whom we share complementary capabilities and mutual interests. To every partnership we bring close to a century of experience in turning novel ideas into medicines, as well as in-house scientific capabilities spanning the entire pharmaceutical value chain. 

We offer our partners:


Coverage and commitment in the value chain
Coverage and
commitment throughout
the entire pharmaceutical
value chain

High bioethical

outstanding expertise
Outstanding expertise in protein engineering, formulation and larger-scale production

Medical device

Deep disease

Global commercial

World class clinical trial


Driving innovation through sharing

To accelerate innovation, we openly share novel peptide and protein analogues as well as antibodies for preclinical research. We offer easy and free access to selected high-quality and well-characterized compounds to curious and passionate scientists from around the world.


Novo Nordisk Compound Sharing


We are looking for partners who complement our own expertise, - or perhaps see new opportunities, and who are interested in collaborating with Novo Nordisk - to change patients’ lives, together.


Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, 
Chief Executive Officer
Novo Nordisk
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INNOVO – open innovation in China

To foster more partnerships with local academic institutions and small biotech companies in China, we have launched INNOVO. Via the INNOVO platform, we will provide resources, technologies and platforms and together with potential partners we aim to create new innovation ecosystems.


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We are always seeking scientific partners

We are looking for partners with complementary expertise in our therapy areas and adjacent disease areas – from novel modalities to technologies, and from early research to clinical stage. 


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partnering opportunities

Our approach to partnering

We are proud to have a team of highly skilled scientists lead the partnering process with external scientific partners. Learn more about the partnering process at Novo Nordisk in this small film.

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"In Novo Nordisk, we foster true innovation and bring forward the best ideas from collaborators and in-house scientists."

Marcus Schindler
Senior Vice President, Global Drug Discovery
Novo Nordisk
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Marcus Schindler

Increasing our partnership agreements worldwide

At Novo Nordisk, we are highly focused on pioneering innovation together with our external partners, and we are broadening our commitment to a range of new collaborations, both within our current therapy areas, and in new disease areas and technologies.

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Selected global R&D partners

Cornell University
USCF California
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
LUND University

Novo Nordisk and Ziylo: a mutual goal to develop glucose responsive insulins


Novo Nordisk has acquired the rights to an early-stage glucose binding molecule platform created by Ziylo Ltd, with the aim to develop glucose responsive insulins. If successful, this development could potentially eliminate the risk of hypoglycaemia for people with diabetes.
Some of the research activities in Ziylo have been spun out in a new company, Carbometrics, which has entered into a research collaboration with Novo Nordisk to optimise glucose binding molecules.

“We believe the glucose binding molecules discovered by the Ziylo team, together with Novo Nordisk’s world-class insulin capabilities have the potential to lead to the development of glucose responsive insulins, which we hope can remove the risk of hypoglycaemia and ensure optimal glucose control for people with diabetes.”

Marcus Schindler
Senior Vice President
Global Drug Discovery, Novo Nordisk
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Dialogue and collaboration on bioethical dilemmas

Novo Nordisk cooperates with institutions and authorities on guidelines for research, animal experimentation and environmental issues. Examples include our state-of-the-art housing conditions for laboratory animals, which are referenced in the textbook Comfortable Quarters for Laboratory Animals and on the webpages of The National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research.


Bioethics at Novo Nordisk


partner collaboration

partner martin fusek

Working with Novo Nordisk

"We have had the pleasure of receiving grants and working with many companies at our MIT lab. Novo Nordisk has been one of the very best companies to work with. I feel they’ve been tremendous collaborators, our students and staff have loved working with them, and enormous scientific progress has been made that I hope will benefit many patients someday.“ 


Robert S. Langer 
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Partner with close to 100 years of expertise in innovation


Our scientific capabilities span the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from early research, through upscaling, clinical testing and regulatory submission, to ultimately bringing innovative new therapies to patients.


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Novo Nordisk is a global provider of advanced treatments for diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. We discover and develop innovative biological medicines and make them accessible to patients throughout the world.


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