Be a pioneer in cell therapy – join our journey to develop life-changing treatments for serious chronic diseases

What began as a quest to directly differentiate pluripotent stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells for the treatment of type 1 diabetes, has grown into a mission to develop cell therapy-based treatments that can be used to replace damaged cells in patients with a wide range of severe diseases.

The Novo Nordisk Cell Therapy R&D Unit is unique. We are pioneers on a joint mission to change the world of medicine – focused on developing cell therapies to change the lives of people suffering from chronic diseases.

We are driven by exploring novel science, and for us, the cell therapy field is the ultimate area to work in. We live and breathe cutting-edge research and development with the ultimate goal of creating new break-through therapies. We work in a highly collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture with a can-do mindset. We thrive on passion and engagement, embracing the challenges we face. We combine the speed and agility of biotech with the spirit of a start-up, along with the right level of decision making and a high degree of personal interactions. We also benefit from the advantages and scalability of being part of a large pharmaceutical company. We embrace the best of both worlds, a unique foundation to create state-of-the-art-science with the goal to restore and improve the quality of life for millions of people, living with serious chronic diseases.

In the Cell Therapy R&D unit, we’re focused on developing treatments for people suffering from debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, chronic heart failure, type 1 diabetes, among others.

The Cell Therapy R&D Transformational Research Unit (TRU) spans the entire Novo Nordisk value chain, which means we work with all aspects of drug discovery and development, from early research all the way to GMP manufacturing and clinical development - all under the same organisational roof. Working as a TRU enables us to work with the agility and speed of a smaller biotech firm, at the scale and quality of a pharmaceutical company.

With laboratories and offices in both Måløv, Denmark and Fremont, California, US, and counting more than 250 employees including scientists, engineers, clinical & regulatory specialists and technicians, among others, the Cell Therapy R&D unit conducts research and clinical development globally, both in-house, but also through multiple collaborations with external partners within academia and biotech.

At Novo Nordisk Cell Therapy R&D, we have a clear goal and are committed to one single purpose: To deliver hope through life-changing treatments to people suffering from serious chronic diseases. We explore novel science and live and breathe cutting-edge research and development, all with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of millions of people around the world. Our journey has just started. Come join us. 

We see cell therapy as a cornerstone for the future of Novo Nordisk. The science we do is cutting-edge and has tremendous potential for driving medical advancements. We want to develop life-changing treatments – no more, no less! Using our cell therapy experience and capabilities as real pioneers in the world of regenerative medicine, we are continuously exploring new ways of working. Our R&D approach is transformational, the products we are developing have tremendous potential to be life-changing – and this means we have the full support from Novo Nordisk leadership to continue this journey.

Here, our researchers and scientists are involved in every step of the stem cell research and cell therapy development processes, regardless of where you work in the value chain - from research, to clinical development, regulatory affairs and commercialisation. The agile way we work, think, and operate gives our unit a start-up-like mentality and character – while allowing us to cover the whole value chain utilising the benefit from the large pharma advantages and scalability of Novo Nordisk. We embrace the best of two worlds with the goal to restore and improve the quality of life for millions of people, living with serious chronic diseases.

We engage with the best within their fields, always aspiring to improve in everything we do. Our collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture will give you the opportunity to work among passionate top scientists and cell therapy developers daily. Our growing network of collaborators includes 35+ external scientific groups, biotech companies, top universities and pharma companies. We work with the best of the best and to us that is a guarantee for exceptional professional development and an enjoyable working environment. 

We are privileged to work in a multicultural, global, and inclusive environment, embracing diversity in all shapes and forms. We speak our minds, listen, and take pride in making everyone shine, grow, and develop personally. To succeed, everyone counts, so we look out for and support each other in our tight collaborative teams. We set high standards on our journey forward, and we constantly aim towards leaving a positive footprint on people, the planet, and our business.