At Novo Nordisk, we aspire to write the future of cell therapy. 

Our focus positions us to pioneer treatments that may be uniquely qualified to change the lives of people living with serious chronic diseases. We are working to develop treatments for Parkinson's disease, chronic heart failure and type 1 diabetes that have the potential to halt disease progression — or even reverse it.

By collaborating with the best in the world, we aim to accelerate the research that’s needed to develop transformative cell therapies faster for those living with serious chronic diseases. We are driving change to shape a future where people may be propelled by aspirations rather than limited by disease. 

With every day and every breakthrough, we could come closer to achieving this, together.

Novo Nordisk’s commitment to cell therapy research and development is supported by a long-standing heritage of delivering innovative treatments to patients with serious chronic disease.

Since a heart attack in 1992, Ole has been living with Chronic Heart Failure which has impacted the life of him and his wife Rose significantly. Watch their story.

Novo Nordisk is partnering with global innovators to accelerate the development of therapeutic breakthroughs at scale. 

Through strategic collaborations with leading experts and large-scale manufacturing capabilities, Novo Nordisk aims to develop and deliver transformative cell therapy treatments to those that need them, with sustainability as a guiding force.

Our ability to innovate cell therapies that have the potential to significantly impact disease depends on partnerships grounded in long-term commitment and mutual interest. By partnering with academia, biotechs, and device experts, we can share knowledge, data, and capabilities in ways that bring us closer to developing potential cell therapies for people living with serious chronic disease.

For almost a century, we have successfully leveraged our core capabilities in developing leading biologics to provide treatments for those living with serious chronic diseases.

We continuously evolve and strengthen our capabilities through investments in advanced technology platforms, such as cell therapy, to accelerate future success of our research process.

We have global R&D centers located across 3 continents, allowing us to diversify our pipeline with innovative medicines, with sustainability as a guiding force. This includes our Fremont California facility that’s dedicated to GMP manufacturing of cell therapies for use in clinical trials. Our global approach enables us to work in a sustainable way.