What began as a quest to directly differentiate pluripotent stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells for the treatment of type 1 diabetes, has grown into a mission to develop stem cell based treatments that can be used to replace damaged cells in patients with a wide range of severe diseases.

In the Stem Cell R&D unit, we’re focused on developing treatments for people suffering from debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease and type 1 diabetes, among others.

The Stem Cell Transformational Research Unit (TRU) spans the entire Novo Nordisk value chain, which means we work with all aspects of drug discovery and development, from early research all the way to GMP manufacturing and clinical development - all under the same organisational roof. Working as a TRU enables us to work with the agility and speed of a smaller biotech firm, at the scale and quality of a pharmaceutical company.

With laboratories and offices in both Måløv, Denmark and Fremont, California, US, and counting approximately 180 employees including scientists, engineers, clinical & regulatory specialists and technicians, among others, the Stem Cell R&D unit conducts research and clinical development globally, both in-house, but also through multiple collaborations with external partners within academia and biotech.

At the Novo Nordisk Stem Cell R&D Unit we have a clear goal. We’re committed to a single purpose: to deliver hope to patients with serious chronic diseases through life-changing treatments.

The Stem Cell Research Unit operates independently within the Novo Nordisk organisation, providing the speed, agility and flexibility necessary to conduct research in a totally uncharted territory.

We’re transforming early research projects or concepts into drug products that can go into clinical trials and eventually to market. This effort takes teamwork and collaboration and therefore you must be able to work with colleagues from different departments, sparring with them and developing new ideas.

We are looking for talent that can support our efforts across the R&D value chain. As a stem cell scientist you typically come with a background in natural sciences and likely have expertise within research, development or manufacturing of gene or cell-based therapies.

At Stem Cell R&D, you’ll be working in a rapidly changing environment, which means you have to be curious, able to adapt to new situations or processes and understand new knowledge.

In addition to your scientific profile, you are a dedicated, open-minded and innovative team player with good collaboration skills. Further, you are results-oriented and organised in your working routines.