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Oral formulation researchers

Helping to innovate oral peptide and protein formulations.

Oral formulation researchers

Oral formulation researchers work in the Department of Oral Formulation Research in Global Research Technologies. Currently, most of our therapeutic peptides and proteins are injectable, but we aim to make more oral products available to our patients in the future.

Our oral formulation researchers play a key role in Novo Nordisk’s R&D strategy, as they are responsible for developing new oral peptide and protein formulations that will feed the R&D pipeline in all our therapeutic areas.

How we work

Our responsibilities

Our oral formulation researchers are responsible for identifying new, innovative oral drug delivery systems for the oral drug project portfolio. Specifically, they formulate therapeutic peptides and proteins into orally available products, such as tablets.

They are also responsible for solid-state characterisation and analysis of both drug product intermediates and the final drug product.

Formulation researchers work very early in the R&D value chain. They perform early research activities, identify oral formulations for our therapeutic peptides and proteins, and find compositions and processes by which these formulations can be made.

Once a suitable formulation has been identified, tested, and found to fulfil the given target product profile, the composition and process are transferred to CMC Development, where the formulation will be further upscaled and manufactured for clinical trials.

Who we are looking for

Oral formulation researchers

We expect our formulation researchers typically holds an M.Sc. or a Ph.D. in Life Sciences (pharmaceutical sciences, or other relevant disciplines), depending on the seniority level of the position. 

Experience and knowledge of oral (solid) dosage forms covering pharmaceutical formulation expertise, solid-state characterisation and analysis are required.

Our oral formulation researcher needs to be innovative, have a can-do attitude, as well as good communication skills, and a broad scientific background. A deep insight into the gastrointestinal tract is a strong asset, since it is the target organ of most of our oral formulations.

Meet our colleagues

Meet Jian

Jian Xiong Wu joined Novo Nordisk because he wanted to see his ideas come to life, he wanted to feel his work was making a difference to patients.

Listen to Jian explain how his work motivates him and how he experiences the team work at Novo Nordisk.

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