For 100 years, Medical Doctors at Novo Nordisk have been part of innovating medicine and saving countless of lives. Our founders changed diabetes forever and recently, we pioneered a groundbreaking treatment for people living with obesity. Now we are committed to achieve further breakthroughs.  

That’s why Novo Nordisk is venturing into new therapy areas to defeat and ultimately cure serious chronic diseases such as CVD (cardiovascular disease), NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis), CKD (chronic kidney disease), and Alzheimer’s disease. Building on our legacy and purpose, we are embarking on a long-term commitment to develop new treatments and medicines to ensure that millions of people can live a full life.

Having done it before, we know it’s not easy. On the other hand, we know what it takes, and we are certain we can do it again. 

Our medical experts are in the forefront of shaping the future. Whether they work in Medical & Science, being medically and scientifically responsible for clinical development of new medicines, from strategy to execution, in Global Medical Affairs, developing the medical strategy, gathering insights and handling all scientific communication internally as well as externally, or in Global Safety, ensuring that Novo Nordisk's products are of high quality and safe to use for the patients, they all share the same goal: to pioneer medical treatments that will shape the future of Novo Nordisk.  
No two days are the same when working in uncharted territories. That’s why our medical experts have the power, freedom, and responsibility to do things differently – to explore new and promising possibilities. That also holds for their professional careers. Being part of a big community of medical experts from all over the world means being part of a work culture designed to inspire, challenge, and improve expertise - all while working in small, agile, and highly collaborative teams.

At Novo Nordisk, we don't treat one, we treat millions. It’s a life-changing journey both for the medical experts and the millions of patients we work for. We know it won’t be easy. That’s why we do it.

We want to create breakthroughs in the world of medicine. Again! That’s why we need you: A medical doctor with the expertise and mindset to help us pioneer medical innovation. We have already succeeded in developing revolutionary therapies for, amongst others, diabetes and obesity. Now we have ventured into new disease areas like CVD, NASH, Alzheimer’s and CKD. With our century-long experience, significant investments, and long-term commitment, we aim to defeat and ultimately cure these serious chronic diseases. It's not easy. It's challenging. But it is possible. Join us and help shape the future of medicine – and the future of Novo Nordisk. 

Patients are at the centre of everything we do. Bringing life-changing scientific discoveries into their lives is our highest ambitions and sole purpose. We want to crack the codes and move entire disease areas. That’s why you, as a medical expert will be empowered with the freedom and resources to innovate and transform bold ideas into lifesaving and preventing medicines – all for the benefit of the patients. Because here, we don't treat one. We treat millions.

Your medical expertise is needed to develop innovative and life-saving treatments. That will give you numerous opportunities to grow your skills and take your career to new levels. 

As a medical doctor at Novo Nordisk, you will be the clinical expert in our small, agile, and innovative teams of colleagues with multiple professional backgrounds. You will also be vital to a world-leading and highly collaborative scientific community – with hundreds of other medical experts. You will learn from each other, exchange ideas, and embark on a life-changing journey – both in your career and for our patients.

At Novo Nordisk, we are team players by heart in a work culture like no other. We take great pride in fostering an open-minded, inspiring and inclusive work environment. Without question, that's what it takes to be at the forefront of groundbreaking medical and life-changing treatments. And that's why as a medical expert, you and your colleagues have the autonomy to do things differently and engage in innovative ways of working – while having the freedom to plan your work in harmony with your personal lives. There will also be endless of opportunities to develop your career whether you choose to deep dive in a project, explore working in new functions or try something completely different – all while being incentivised internally to take those opportunities. Because it takes a work culture like no other to make a difference like no other.