At Novo Nordisk, cardiovascular researchers focus mainly on identifying new ways to treat cardiovascular diseases, particularly atherosclerosis and chronic heart failure, with the end goal of bringing new and effective medicines to patients.

The severity of most cardiovascular diseases is our number one motivator to produce first-in-class therapies that have a real chance of meeting patients’ urgent medical needs. 

Our cardiovascular researchers leverage internal data generation and external partnerships to find the most relevant scientific concepts and work with experts to translate these concepts into efficacious medications.

Some days are spent in the lab generating data internally, and others are spent collaborating with colleagues to provide strategic and scientific support to projects in the pipeline. Academic collaborations, as well as biotech opportunities, play an important role in our success and it is imperative that we research and identify potential partnerships.

The Cardiovascular Research department is a new area at Novo Nordisk R&D and draws a lot of attention and excitement. Our scientists are given the freedom to explore and are encouraged to ask questions, pursue passions, and use the tools and facilities provided.

Our team is not only supported by accessible and approachable management, but an entire organisation of scientific brilliance. This is a culture driven by science and we are here to facilitate innovation.

In an environment driven by transparency and collaboration, Cardiovascular Researchers at Novo Nordisk are able to harness their knowledge and advance towards changing patients’ lives.

Watch the video below to learn more about the work being done, the culture that promotes success, and the long-term vision of the department. 

We are looking for experts within heart failure or atherosclerosis. Additionally, specialization in biological (in vitro) assays, in vivo animal models or human physiology are amongst the profiles that stand out.

Ideal candidates should have a strong scientific background in cardiovascular diseases, typically with a PhD or Post-doc in a relevant subject. Confidence, creativity, and persistence are key qualities that inspire success and drive projects forward.

Meet Marie Schroeder, a Specialist in the Cardiovascular Diseases Department with a focus in heart failure.

After working in academia and experiencing a hunger to take her research to the next level, Marie joined Novo Nordisk in 2018. Watch our interview to learn more about her daily activities, dream accomplishments, and what is – without question – the best aspect of her job.