The bioinformatics and data mining team at Novo Nordisk supports a broad range of activities across our R&D pipeline. We use both internal and external biomedical data to identify disease targets and markers, and therefore to develop next-generation medicines for severe chronic diseases such as diabetes.

We also use data to build a molecular-level understanding of our own medicines and attempt to create a more efficient and better-informed drug discovery process.


Bioinformatics at Novo Nordisk is cutting-edge. We are tasked with selecting the next targets for new medicines and also identifying patterns in patient data to understand which group of patients - for a disease such as type 2 diabetes - might benefit most from a novel therapy. In this way we work towards our long-term goal of tailoring drugs to specific patients.

Bioinformaticians at Novo Nordisk are expected to make an impact, and we supply the tools and environment required to work with maximum freedom.

Our department relies on communication, collaboration and skill-sharing in order to reach our goals and produce outstanding work, and so we are open to diverse as well as specialised skill sets. 

The Structure, Bioinformatics and Data Science functional area is part of Global Research Technologies R&D and is focused on Structure & Computational Modelling, Scientific Research Software Applications, Predictive Technologies, and Bioinformatics. By enabling full utilization of our scientific data, our aspiration is to create truly innovative medicines for patients. 

Listen in the video above three members of the area discussing their work, colleagues, and ambitions.

Senior bioinformaticians should be vastly experienced and knowledgeable pharmaceutical professionals looking for a new challenge.

These candidates should bring key industry information which we can use to advance our research and create more effective drugs. Junior bioinformaticians should be enthusiastic, driven, and technically-skilled - full of big ideas and able to use our platform to make them reality.

Bioinformaticians usually have 2+ years experience post-PhD, either in industry or as a post-doc. Some bioinformaticians have a strong computational background and develop tools and apply algorithms to power our research. Others are biological experts: talented analysts who can translate biological questions into data ones.

Martijn van de Bunt is head of bioinformatics and data mining at Novo Nordisk, based in Copenhagen. Martijn joined the company in May 2017, leaving his academic research post at University of Oxford, and was promoted to head of department in 2018.

He is a driving force behind the growth of bioinformatics, and openly discusses the exciting challenges and activities undertaken by his department.