During our 4 months trainee program we will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge about what it means to be a leader – especially in a GMP context. We will offer you the tools and competencies necessary to grow and you will be joined by experienced colleagues who will support your continued leadership journey and development throughout the programme.

Joining our Associate Manager Trainee programme should result in you taking up an Associate Manager position in one of our Production or Support areas in Novo Nordisk at site Kalundborg if we see a match between your skill set and the business need.

Depending on whether you become a trainee in the production or in a support function your tasks will vary. We will seek to match your background, skills and experience to a relevant Associate Manager trainee position.

 Examples of different Associate Manager Trainee roles are provided below:

  • As an Associate Manager Trainee for a Production team, you will be heading up a team of operators, skilled workers, technicians and/or craftsmen. You will be responsible for delivering a stable production according to the schedule while also having an eye for optimisation and workflow. Most operators and skilled workers are working in shifts and as a manager you will be expected to be present on the shop floor with your employees.
  • As an Associate Manager Trainee for a Production Support team, you will head up a team of highly committed process supporters with diverse technical and academic backgrounds. Your responsibility will be to ensure excellent support to our operation. This support primarily involves technical–, automation– and process support during batch execution, in addition to following up on recent issues and trends, driving systematic problem solving and executing small to medium-sized improvement projects.
  • As an Associate Manager Trainee for an IT, Automation and Robotics team you will be responsible for various tasks related to ongoing projects, optimization of our production, compliance, and strategic initiatives. Some of the tasks may also include implementing new products, equipment, and processes. By utilizing the capabilities and skills in your team, you will ensure that Novo Nordisk reaps the benefits of modern technology and stays at the forefront of production.
  • As an Associate Manager Trainee for a Business Support team, (e.g., Supply Chain, Finance or LEAN), you will head up a team of highly skilled specialists and professionals. Our Business Support teams are responsible for production planning, finance, lean processes, procurement support and facility management. These positions have broad impact and involve extensive stakeholder management at different levels within the organization in order to ensure the best support.

To succeed as an Associate Manager Trainee, you must have:

  • Leadership experience preferably from a production environment or similar.
  • Excellent interpersonal and motivational skills in addition to the ability to prioritize and set a clear direction for your team
  • An appetite for learning and handling complex problems
  • A wish to develop your leadership skills in a manufacturing environment
  • Fluency in spoken and written English

Furthermore, you enjoy being part of a fast-changing environment, while keeping a strategic overview ensuring collaboration across business functions and stakeholders.

Associate Managers in Novo Nordisk are expected to be role models and to embrace an inclusive and diverse culture.

Novo Nordisk is its people. We know that life is anything but linear, and balancing what is important at different stages of our career is never easy. That’s why we make room for diverse life situations, always putting people first. We value our employees for the unique skills they bring to the table, and we work continuously to bring out the best in them. Working at Novo Nordisk is working toward something bigger than ourselves, and it’s a collective effort. Novo Nordisk relies on the joint potential and collaboration of its more than 50,000 employees. Together, we go further. Together, we’re life changing.

For more information about the Associate Manager Programme at Novo Nordisk, site Kalundborg, please visit Associate Manager Trainee Programme

Apply by following the application process.

Start by filling in the details about yourself your background. Afer you've completed this, you will be asked to upload your CV.

The application deadline is 7th July, 2024.

Click here to apply now!

Candidates will be invited for 1st and 2nd interview in week 32 & 34. There will be an opportunity to visit site Kalundborg in week 33.

Deadline 7 July 2024

Please note that review of applications will be ongoing until this date. First round interviews will take place from 6th – 9th August, and 2nd round interviews from 20th – 22nd August. Interviews will be in Kalundborg. We will only consider candidates who can join in person.

There will be a possibility to visit site Kalundborg on 16th August

Selected candidates will be expected to start the program 1st October 2024.

The Associate Manager Trainee Programme is made to set you up for success when you enter an associate manager position. It is not a prerequisite to have prior experience from the pharma industry, so we will ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this environment. That should make the transition into an Associate Manager position smooth, so you can generate value together with your team from day one.

The objective of having an Associate Manager Trainee Programme is to strengthen the pipeline of potential future Associate Managers and ensure the diversity within the pool of leaders at Novo Nordisk site Kalundborg.

No, our corporate language is English.

Yes, the program is a regular full-time position, and your salary will be an attractive salary according to a trainee position. When transitioning into the Associate Manager position the salary will be adapted to match the position's job level.

Based on your performance and the business’ needs we will evaluate when you are ready to take up an Associate Manager's position in Novo Nordisk site Kalundborg.

We aim at offering all Trainees an Associate Manager position by the end of the trainee period and so far, our success-rate has been 100%.

Yes, Kalundborg municipality will support temporary accommodation. This will give you the time to find a place to live. Link to more information Find ditnyhjem (kalundborg.dk)

You will join as a trainee in one of our departments while at the same time be trusted with a lot of responsibility. You will be assigned a mentor that in addition to the training will help guide you in your day-to-day work and your learning journey.

Yes, you will have a mentor who will guide you during the full 4 months of the program. Your mentor will be an experienced manager.

Furthermore, you will be a part of a leadership team, so that you are well prepared to take on the role as an Associate Manager when there is a match between you having acquired the right skill set and competencies and business need.

The program will not only develop your leadership skills but also give you the pharma, production and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) knowledge to ensure your future performance and growth in Novo Nordisk.

In addition to the application requirements listed above, it requires that you can grasp complex processes, systems and problems and have the skills to motivate, develop and set a clear direction for your future team.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to Sune Stefansson: BUSF@novonordisk.com