We are looking for UX/UI Designers to be on the front-line, gaining knowledge about the user's needs and helping to translate this into pleasant digital products solving complex business challenges. ​

We’re typically looking for candidates holding a bachelor's or master's degree in Business IT, Digital Design or a related discipline. On top of that, we look for candidates with years of practical UI/UX experience supporting end users. Experience with facilitation and relevant design and prototyping tools (Figma, Adobe CC, Tableau, Power BI, MS Power Platform or similar) is a common requirement. In addition, bringing some agile experience is a plus – but the amount of education and experience required varies depending on the job level.​

On a personal level, we acknowledge candidates that are strong communicators and who can frame strong rationales for design decisions in the business, technical and user contexts that persuade peers and executives. Finally, we look for candidates that are able to build good relations with colleagues and stakeholders in the organisation. Hence, fluency in written and spoken English is essential.​