This role invites you onboard in Digital, Data & IT in Novo Nordisk (DD&IT); the business partner that supports digital transformation and innovation in all parts of Novo. It's a global community with +2100 colleagues worldwide, driving tasks with a twist of digital, data and IT together with the business.​

In DD&IT, we are moving into cloud solutions (as many others), and to do that in a clever and scalable manner, cloud developers have an essential role. One of our key goals in the entire DD&IT is actually to develop a modern cloud world. So strengthening the infrastructure in Novo Nordisk with cloud solutions is an important topic all across DD&IT. Solutions are build for test, development and production environments and are covering both legacy systems as well as new initiatives. ​

Based on the Novo Nordisk Enterprise Agreements, cloud services are available from Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure).


We are looking for Cloud Developers to design and develop cloud solutions to meet the organisation's current and future business needs.​

We typically look for candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Software Development, Physics or another relevant field. On top of that, we look for candidates with practical development experience within the relevant tech stack. Experience with Cloud Computing (AWS or Azure), CI/CD, DevOps and programming languages (Python, Rust, Go, BASH or TypeScript) are typical requirements as well. In addition, agile experience is a plus. The amount of education and experience required varies depending on the job level.​

For this role, we typically acknowledge candidates who understand a complex technical matter, can form an educated opinion and communicate this clearly to stakeholders. In a regulated industry like pharma, another plus is balancing a high-level overview with an ability to dig into the details. As English is the corporate language in Novo Nordisk, fluency in written and spoken English is a must.​