At Novo Nordisk we share a passion for changing patient’s lives, and we are always looking for talented individuals who want to join us in this effort. Our business is continuously growing and so is our demand for Associate Managers across the different functions within manufacturing, quality and IT in Denmark. 

You can be a part of this journey!

Interested in joining us? We’re hiring across seniority levels and are always on the lookout for talent. Learn more and express your interest by signing up for our pipeline below or keep reading to learn more.

We are looking for Associate Managers in all our locations: Kalundborg, Bagsværd, Gentofte, Hillerød, Søborg, Måløv, Kirke Værløse, Køge and Hjørring.

Due to the expansion of our activities in all business areas and sites, we are currently looking for Associate Managers for many different teams across Novo Nordisk.  

Some examples of teams are provided below, but the opportunities are not limited to these.  

  • As an Associate Manager for a Production team, you will be leading a team of operators, skilled workers, technicians and/or craftsmen. You will be responsible for setting direction for the team and also delivering a stable production according to the schedule while having an eye for optimizing the workflow.  
  • As an Associate Manager for a Production Support team, you will be leading a team of process supporters with diverse technical and academic backgrounds. Your responsibility will be to ensure excellent support for our operation. This support can take many forms but mostly involves technical, automation and process guidance during batch execution, following up on recent issues and trends, driving systematic problem solving and executing small to medium-sized improvement projects. 
  • As an Associate Manager for an IT, Automation and Robotics team you will be responsible for various tasks related to ongoing projects, optimization of our production, compliance, and strategic initiatives. Some of the tasks may also include implementing new products, equipment, and processes. By utilizing the capabilities and skills in your team, you will ensure that Novo Nordisk secures the benefits of modern tech and stays at the forefront of manufacturing technology. 
  • As an Associate Manager for a Quality Assurance or Quality Control team you will be leading skilled professionals and QA/QC specialists. Our QA teams are responsible for a wide range of quality assurance activities, ranging from handling deviations, change requests and validation to quality support and optimization projects. While our QC teams perform various chemical, microbiological, and biochemical analyses of our productions. As an Associate Manager for QA or QC you will set direction and drive our mission to safeguard patients, and product quality and to ensure compliance with external requirements. 
  • As an Associate Manager for a Business Support Team, you will head up a team of specialists and professionals within areas as supply chain, finance and training. These are positions with broad impact and involve extensive stakeholder management at different levels within the organization ensuring the best support. 

There are many other opportunities as a people manager within for instance projects, risk management, utility, and facility and even more. In conclusion, depending on your previous experience and interests, we can ensure the best match.

By applying for the pipeline, you will be considered as a potential match for all Associate Manager positions across Production and Development in Denmark. We’ll match your profile continuously against all suitable positions to ensure you don’t miss out on a life-changing career.  

When an opportunity arises, we will reach out, tell you about the position and invite you for an interview with the Hiring Manager. You will only be contacted if we find a relevant position that matches your profile, but you will remain part of the Pipeline for up to 6 months unless you inform us that you wish to withdraw.

The pipeline is open for applications from 29.05.2024 - 29.10.2024. Due to GDPR we close the pipelines after 6 months and send email notifications to all active candidates  when they are closed, with a link to where you can re-apply to our new Associate Manager Pipeline.

We are looking for Associate Managers in all our locations: Kalundborg, Bagsværd, Gentofte, Hillerød, Søborg, Måløv, Kirke Værløse, Køge and Hjørring. This pipeline job advertisement will be posted at each of our locations, so please apply to locations you want to work in.

We look forward to receiving your application and to having the opportunity to provide a solid match for open positions.


All Associate Manager roles require excellent people management skills, ability to set direction and motivate your team. Novo Nordisk managers role model our behavioural goals and drive continuous improvements. Furthermore, all Associate Managers are expected to demonstrate inclusive leadership by valuing and listening actively to diverse perspectives. It is a common aspiration for all leaders to keep a strategic overview ensuring collaboration across business functions. Additionally, we are obliged to be a sustainable employer ensuring the wellbeing and development of our employees while optimizing and preparing our processes for the future.


We are looking for great interpersonal skills complimented by an interest in leadership or people management experience.

We create the match based on the following qualifications: 

  • Educational background  
  • Experience within the following: setting direction, engaging others, prioritization according to strategic aspirations and/or stakeholder management 
  • Language skills

It is considered an advantage in some roles to have:  

  • Pharma experience or experience from other highly regulated industries
  • A broad and well-proven leadership toolbox 
  • Lean experience 
  • GMP knowledge 

Additionally, we are a sustainable employer encouraging and supporting decisions and behaviours that have a positive financial, environmental, and social impact. As a leader, you ensure the well-being and development of our employees while optimizing and preparing our processes for the future.

Our people at Novo Nordisk are driven by a passion to improve patients’ lives – and we collaborate, learn from one another and push each other forward for this collective goal.

The work we do together at Product Supply is life-changing, both for us and for patients across the globe. As we go through unprecedented modernisation, we take pride in our courage to fail and thrive under the certainty that we will collectively discover more.

We flourish when encouraged to digitise, innovate and revolutionise, all in the quest for delivering a better world. But everything we accomplish has to start somewhere. It starts with a willingness to bet on our ideas, take bold action and push for innovations and solutions.

At Novo Nordisk, it all starts with courage.