Our environmental policy

We strive to be a sustainable business and integrate environmental considerations in everything we do. This is why we measure and report on our environmental performance as well as on our financial and social performance – we call this our “The Triple Bottom Line”. We consider use of resources, CO2 emission and waste to be our most material impacts on the environment across the value chain.
Our position and actions

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Our environmental policy

Our ambition is to have zero environmental impact by embedding circular economy in our business – we call this Circular for Zero.  We work across the full value chain from supplier to patients. This means that we will:

  • continuously improve our performance towards zero impact
  • integrate environmental assessments and a circular mindset in all decision-making across the value chain
  • promote more sustainable processes and products
  • engage with our suppliers, in stakeholder dialogue and partnerships
  • comply with legal requirements and report our progress to stakeholders in a timely and transparent way.

How we take action

We aim to have zero environmental impact across our value chain. This work is organised across the company and in our environmental management system.

Our Executive Management is responsible for the overall environmental policy and for setting strategic direction for environmental areas. Our Corporate Environmental Strategy team is responsible for the environmental policy and strategy. In addition, there is a dedicated department, NN Environment, which is responsible for the environmental management system and ensuring environmental compliance in Novo Nordisk.

All our production facilities are certified according to ISO 14001, environmental management. The ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management system ensures continuous improvements through a systematic approach. The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in Kalundborg, Denmark, is also certified according to ISO 50001, energy management.

We have on-site Environmental coordinators at all production facilities. The coordinators monitor environmental progress and environmental compliance at our sites worldwide.

How we report

By setting ambitious targets and integrating environmental considerations into daily business activities, we continuously improve our environmental performance.

We report on our environmental performance in our integrated Annual Report

Our positions

We have formulated positions on issues of relevance to our business and our role as a global corporate citizen.