• Proactively applying relevant security features on our products, based on an informed risk assessment and regulatory requirements.
  • Having a quality management system that investigates occurrences of counterfeited Novo Nordisk products.
  • Taking the appropriate legal course of action against those involved in the counterfeiting of Novo Nordisk products, which aims to impact the source of manufacture for these products.
  • Communicating openly and in a timely manner about cases of counterfeit products found in the Novo Nordisk supply chain to minimise the safety risk that using such products may pose.
  • Cooperating with regulators and other stakeholders to investigate counterfeit products and develop new anti-counterfeit measures.
  • Cooperating internationally with scientific and trade organisations as well as regulatory bodies to develop legislation to counteract counterfeit products.
  • Being a member of the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), which collects information and coordinates investigations into counterfeit products within the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. 

Counterfeit or falsified medicines are deliberately and fraudulently mislabelled with respect to identity or source. These types of medicines can also be referred to as dupes, compounded or compound medicine.

Counterfeit medicines present a significant health risk because their contents are unknown. You do not receive the correct treatment you expect and need, which may lead to potentially dangerous consequences for your health and safety.

There are many indicators of a counterfeit medication, from packaging to price, please visit our guidance on how to spot a counterfeit medication.

If you suspect a product to be a counterfeit of a Novo Nordisk product, please report this immediately to Novo Nordisk in your country, you can contact us:

In order to properly investigate the suspected counterfeit product, it is very important that you send the product sample to Novo Nordisk in your country. We will give you advice on how to do this and will arrange for you to have free replacement product.