Medicines affordability in the US

Some people with diabetes in the US are increasingly finding it hard to pay for their healthcare, especially those uninsured and in high-deductible healthcare plans. This is not acceptable.

In line with our social responsibility, we have three offerings today for people with diabetes who are struggling to afford their insulin, including:

  • Our low-cost human insulin, which has been sold at Walmart for around $25 per vial for almost two decades, and has recently been made available in other national pharmacy chains through programmes with CVS and ESI. Around 500,000 Americans are using our human insulin through these partnerships. 
  • Our co-pay cards to help defray patient out-of-pocket costs.
  • Our patient assistance programme, which in 2018 provided free insulin to nearly 50,000 people with diabetes. Through the programme, an individual with an annual income up to 49,960 US dollars, and a family of four with a combined annual income up to 103,000 US dollars, may qualify for free Novo Nordisk medicines - including all of our insulin products.

From 2 January 2020, we will add two new offerings to help address insulin affordability for people living with diabetes in the US:

  • Our $99 Cash Card Program offers people with diabetes up to three vials or two packs of pens of any combination of Novo Nordisk analog insulins for a flat cost of $99.00. While insulin usage varies, this offering should cover most patients’ monthly insulin needs.
  • Our follow-on brand (authorised generic) versions of two of our insulins -including our most prescribed insulin – will be available at a 50 per cent discount compared to the current list price of the branded versions.  

Read more about our new insulin affordability initiatives.

The complexity of the US healthcare system means that arriving at solutions that ensure affordable access to medicines for all is not straightforward. However, we believe that with collaboration across all parties in the system, sustainable solutions can be achieved.

We want to be part of a solution and we are actively working with all parties in the US healthcare system to find ways that reduce the burden on patients both in the short-term and for longer-term reform.


Our collaborations towards affordable medicines for americans

Our collaborations towards affordable medicines for Americans

See how we are working with third parties to provide affordable medicines in the US