Our commitment to access and affordability in diabetes

Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease and one of the biggest global health issues of our time.

Today, nearly half a billion people have diabetes. That is 1 in every 11 people on the planet, and the number is rising at an alarming rate. If nothing is done, 1 in 9 will have diabetes in 2045. Without proper treatment, diabetes can lead to heart disease, blindness, amputations and even early death. Apart from the human suffering for those affected, the costs that come with this disease and especially its long-term complications will, without action, overwhelm already strained healthcare budgets.

Tens of millions of people living with diabetes cannot get the life-saving insulin and medical advice they need – either because they cannot afford it, it is not accessible where they live or the health care system does not have the capacity to diagnose and treat diabetes properly.

At Novo Nordisk, we have been developing and making diabetes medicines since 1923.

We are proud that our medicines are helping 27 million people with diabetes every day, yet we know that too many people don’t have the right access to care – and that changing diabetes takes more than medicine.


All people diagnosed with diabetes should receive treatment

When we determine how to price our medicines, we consider a number of country specific factors: the value that the medicine brings to patients, how the medicine compares with alternative treatments for the same disease, the local healthcare system and other socio-economic factors.

Insulin is a special case. For people with Type 1 diabetes and for some people with Type 2 diabetes, it is an essential, life-saving medicine for which there is no alternative. It’s our ambition that everyone who needs insulin has access to it at prices they can afford.

How we act on that ambition depends on the specific circumstances in the country.  One example is our Access to Insulin Commitment in the world’s Least Developed Countries, all low-income and many middle-income countries where we have committed to supply human insulin vials at a guaranteed low price. Another example is in the United States , where a growing number of people are finding it harder to pay for their healthcare. Here, we offer low-priced human insulin in vials and pens as well as different patient assistance programs.

We’re committed to expanding the reach of such programmes so that there is always an affordable insulin option in every country we’re in.

We will also expand our efforts to help health systems in the world’s low resource countries build the capabilities needed to offer the right diabetes treatment, through initiatives such as the World Diabetes Foundation, Defeat NCD Partnership, Changing Diabetes® in Children, Base of the Pyramid, The Coalition on access to NCD Medicines and products and our new partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross and Danish Red Cross to improve diabetes care in humanitarian crises


Our initiatives to improve access to care

Access to insulin commitment

Our commitment to always providing a low-cost insulin in our product portfolio.

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Medicines affordability in the US 

Our position on pricing and affordability in the US and the steps we are taking towards affordable medicines for Americans.

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Improving access to diabetes care in low- and middle-income countries

In many developing countries, people living with diabetes do not receive healthcare or treatment to help them manage their disease. We are committed to doing our part to help change this. 

Our programmes and partnerships to improve access to care


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