Report a side effect

Report a side effect

If you or the person you are reporting on behalf of are currently suffering from severe side effects, you should contact your local doctor or other medical health professional before reporting the side effect.

All medicines have potential side effects as well as benefits. We routinely monitor the safety and quality of all our products. This includes review of safety data from clinical studies and review of side effects and technical complaints. By monitoring quality and safety information on our products, we can take due and appropriate actions to safeguard patient safety. 

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If you have experienced a side effect to a Novo Nordisk product, we encourage you to also report this to Novo Nordisk. 

Or you can visit and use our dedicated reporting form. Here we will ask you for the most important information needed when reporting side effects.

Go to to report side effects

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Your personal data will be entered into the Novo Nordisk global safety database and will be treated confidentially. Data will be kept until end of activity + 10 years. We are obliged to report information on product complaints and side effects to Health Authorities in accordance with current legislation.

For the full information on how we process personal data in Novo Nordisk, you can either go to our company website at or contact the Novo Nordisk Data Privacy Officer at

Read more about how we process your data in the Notice of Personal Data Processing Related to Safety Information.