Dose Check is an insulin dose guidance app* designed for people with type 2 diabetes who are starting on or switching to selected Novo Nordisk insulins.

The app works out your insulin dose for you when you log your fasting blood sugar based on your treatment plan set by your doctor. With your doctor’s guidance at hand, it may help you reach your target dose.


*To support basal-only therapy for type 2 diabetes management

  • To find the Dose Check app, search through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download to your iPhone or Android device, respectively.†
  • You can also get the Dose Check app by clicking the link sent to you by your doctor
  • When you’ve downloaded the app, check for a text message from your doctor. The text will include an access code to unlock the Dose Check app so you can get started
  • If you have previously downloaded the app, you will already have received the text message from your doctor with the access code
  • The app will guide you through a few steps to set up
  • Now you can get started!


†The Dose Check app can only be found and downloaded in local app stores in countries where it is available

Your doctor has already set up Dose Check for you online and input your treatment plan. The app uses the plan and the blood sugar levels you record to tell you how much insulin you need to inject.  Each day, Dose Check sends you notifications to take two steps:

1) Log your fasting blood sugar level

2) Inject the recommended dose of insulin

By following the dose guidance, you know you’re taking your recommended dose.
And your doctor can follow your progress online.

Woman holding her mobile - not real patient

  • Check your previous blood sugar levels and insulin doses
  • Use the calendar to check you’ve logged your fasting blood sugar level and injected the recommended dose
  • View your insulin treatment plan
  • See your blood sugar levels and insulin doses in one chart
  • Use the charts in the app to check your progress towards reaching your treatment goals
  • Receive advice straight away on next steps if you record a blood sugar level that’s too low (hypo)
  • Receive tips and insights on managing diabetes