The NovoPen Echo® comes with simple memory function and has fine-tuned half unit increment dosing.

NovoPen Echo® details

  • Memory function was rated simple and easy to use by children and parents1
  • Ensures ease of use with its simple dial function, easy push button and easy to change Penfill® cartridge over previous pens or syringe 1, 2
  • Provides accurate and flexible fine- tuned dosing in half-unit increments 3, 4
  • Pen design was preferred by kids over NovoPen Junior® and HumaPen® Luxura HD1, 2
  • NovoPen Echo® is the preferred pen by 80% of children, parents, and HCPs compared to NovoPen Junior® and HumaPen LuxuraTM HD1

1. Olsen et al, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 2010

2. Adolfsson et al, Current Medical Research and Opinion, 2012

3. Kristensen et al, Current Medical Research and Opinion, 2011

4. NovoPen® Echo DVT report


NovoPen Echo®

Penfill® cartridge



½ unit

Minimum dose

½ unit

Maximum dose

30 units