NovoPen® 4 is simple to use with robust design. It encompasses audible end of dose click reassuring dose delivery for an accurate insulin delivery.

Blue and grey NovoPen<sup>®</sup> 4

  • Simple to use: Easy to set, easy to read, easy to inject* 1, 2
  • Robust design: Accurate insulin delivery and  lower injection force# 3, 4
  • Reassuring dose delivery: Audible end of dose click for ease to use1, 5
  • The Penfill® cartridges are easy to change* 6
  • Robust design that is built to last up to 5 years7, 8 

* as compared to e.g. NovoPen® 3, Humapen ®Ergo and OptiPen® Pro
# as compared to NovoPen® 3

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NovoPen® 4

Penfill ® cartridge



1 unit

Minimum dose

1 unit

Maximum dose

60 units