The world is continually evolving, and so are the needs of people with diabetes. FlexTouch® – a disposable, pre-filled pen that has been designed with your needs in mind – is the result of our patient-centric approach to research & development:

Parts of a FlexTouch® illustration

1. FlexTouch® is compatible with most needles, including NovoFine® Plus and NovoTwist® needles

2. FlexTouch® pens are colour-coded for easy identification

3. FlexTouch ®  is  easy to use , with a non-extending dose button that is specially designed to make it easier to inject

4. An  audible 'click'  sound lets you know that your full insulin dose has been delivered *

5. FlexTouch® has an easy-to-read dose display

*Equal to 1 unit of insulin degludec plus 0.036 mg of liraglutide 

**Please note that the US does not use dose steps, but units. For the US, the starting dose is 10 units and the maximum dose is 50 units