Media contacts

On weekdays during business hours you may contact us directly using the numbers below.

Outside office hours you can reach us by calling Novo Nordisk's reception on +45 4444 8888.

Headquarters in Denmark

Katrine Sperling

Katrine Sperling
Corporate Vice President, Corporate Communications
Tel: +45 4442 6718

Mette Kruse Danielsen

Mette Kruse Danielsen
Director, Media Relations 
Tel: +45 4442 3883

Christina Donslund Steen

Kristine Kruse Zeij
PA & Associate Media Relations Manager
Tel:+45 3075 1987

Anne Margrethe Hauge

Anne Margrethe Hauge
Media Relations Manager
Tel: +45 4442 3450

Charlotte Zarp-Andersson

Charlotte Zarp-Andersson
Media Relations Lead
Tel: +45 4442 7603

Martin Havtorn Petersen
Media Relations Lead
Tel: +45 3075 5246


Contact Media Relations in the US

Ken Inchausti

Director, Corporate Communications
Novo Nordisk Inc.
800 Scudders Mill Road
Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Phone: +1 609-786-8316
Cell: +1 609-240-9429 

email :




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