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Shareholders and financial analysts should address inquiries concerning Novo Nordisk and its business operations to the Investor Relations Officers. The first day after the end of each quarter until the day of the release of the quarterly report are quiet periods with no broad business discussions with investors and financial analysts.
Daniel Bohsen

CVP & Head of Investor Relations

Valdemar Borum Svarrer

Investor Relations Manager

Ann Søndermølle Rendbæk

Investor Relations Manager

Mark Joseph Root

Investor Relations Manager

Kristoffer Due Berg, KRDB, Investor Relations, Novo Nordisk, portrait

Director, Investor Relations North Amercia

Caroline Bundgaard Steiner

Investor Relations Coordinator

Investor relations policy

It is Novo Nordisk’s objective to have a stable, long-term focused, diversified base of institutional investors that share the company’s vision and strategy. Accordingly, the purpose of Investor Relations is to:

  • Ensure that relevant, accurate, balanced and timely information is made available to capital markets as a basis for regular trading and fair pricing of Novo Nordisk shares
  • Ensure that Novo Nordisk is perceived as a visible, accessible, reliable and professional company by the capital markets
  • Ensure that information is channelled back from the capital markets to Novo Nordisk's Executive Management and Board of Directors
  • Ensure compliance with relevant rules and regulations

Authorised spokespersons to communicate with the investment community (including analysts, stockbrokers, individual and institutional shareholders but excluding the media and rating agencies) are, unless otherwise agreed, Executive Management and Investor Relations. Investor Relations is to be present at all interactions between company representatives and capital markets participants.

Investor Relations maintains an ongoing relationship with investors and financial analysts. The primary channels for this comprise road shows, broker conferences, Capital Market Days and thematic presentations and conference calls.

Analyst meetings and conference calls arranged by Novo Nordisk to discuss quarterly and annual financial performance, material business events and thematic presentations will be simultaneously broadcasted over the internet or via telephone conference call. Advance notice of the meeting, and the simultaneous broadcast, will be made in a company announcement or other method of communication.

Earnings company announcements will be released to newswires and posted on Novo Nordisk’s corporate website at or prior to the commencement of the meeting or call.

When asked to review analyst draft reports and financial models, Investor Relations should limit review and comment to the following:

  • Correcting historical factual information only
  • Pointing out information that is in the public domain
  • Discussing generally the factors that might influence the underlying assumptions used for future projections


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