Here at Novo Nordisk, we’re building the future for patients. We’re in an unprecedented period of growth and are committed to serve more patients than ever by expanding our production capacity. Grow with us on this journey!

As a top global pharma company with a 100-year history in diabetes care, we are now expanding our product offerings and ramping up our production - fast - to serve the increasing demand of millions of patients around the globe. But scaling at speed demands doing things differently. Thinking outside of the box. To get there, we’re embracing advanced technology and bringing the best minds together. This is where you come in!

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We are leveraging advanced technology to redefine efficient operations in Novo Nordisk. Our goal: to build the pharma facilities of the future. The facilities we build should be at the forefront of technology, sustainability and quality standards today with readiness and flexibility for future scenarios. Help us build facilities that we will still be proud of many decades from now! 

To be able to scale at speed, we’re working to design one standard. Our approach: design one – just right – and build many. Think of a Lego brick. It has the same dimensions and good qualities no matter where in the world you play with it. Our facilities of the future will take the same approach.

Our ambition goes beyond what anyone has ever tried before. We will work together as one team, with trust, ownership and speaking up wherever needed. When we succeed, we will have established new, scalable facilities that are more flexible, digital, and compliant than ever.  

We’re quite literally breaking new ground. Join us! 


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