Novo Nordisk Kalundborg


The world's largest insulin manufacturing site

Novo Nordisk Kalundborg is growing these years. Since the turn of the millennium alone, Novo Nordisk has invested more than 16 billion in Kalundborg.

Today, our 3,000 employees produce half of the world’s insulin and a number of biopharmaceutical products. Furthermore, our finished product sections assemble and pack diabetes and biopharmaceutical products.

This is your opportunity for a life-changing career. Interested?


Student collaboration

Work as an intern or write your thesis in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Kalundborg. You will be in excellent company, working alongside dedicated and highly competent colleagues. We are at the forefront of technology and process development, and we know success depends on dedicated individuals contributing to every step of the way. This is where we need you.

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Take the virtual tour

See the whole site with more than 15 factories from above and go into selected spots to see some of our production system.


Employee Stories

Our employees will try to convince you that Kalundborg is the center of the world, but in actuality it is just a very special place to live and work.

Hear one of our Process Responsible Chemical Engineers tell her story of working in the world's largest insulin manufacturing site and moving to Kalundborg.


Hear one of our Associate Managers tell his story of opportunities and development of employees at the world's largest insulin manufacturing site.


Hear one of our Project Managers tell his story of small and large scale facility and equipment upgrade projects at the world's largest insulin manufacturing site and living in Kalundborg.