You’re an innovative thinker and a highly ambitious digital or data scientist who knows how AI, ML, and automation can support and accelerate research. Through data creation, collection, curation, and analysis, you can transform data into superior insights that contribute to the discovery and development of innovative healthcare solutions. You know how to operate at the intersection of biology and data, computation and life, molecules and digital, where groundbreaking innovation happens.

We are the digital vanguard of medical science who unlock the power of data to unlock better lives for millions worldwide. Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare leader powered by data, analytics and digital technologies. In Digital and Science and Innovation (DSI) and Data Science (DS), we empower Novo Nordisk researchers to develop life-changing treatments. Through cutting-edge computing resources and the most advanced technologies in data science, we are digitalising Novo Nordisk’s research to enable the next big breakthroughs.

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30+ nationalities. 300+ digital and data scientists.

At Novo Nordisk, we work to make life better for millions of people worldwide. We can only do so by ensuring the best possible work-life for those who work here.

A workplace with room for everyone is essential for our success and, more importantly, to enable our employees to thrive in their personal lives and professional careers.

In DSI and Data Science, we know that one size for a good work-life doesn’t fit all. We all have different personalities, backgrounds, and dreams, and our workplace is designed to reflect that diversity.

The skills of our units are in high demand throughout our global organisation. In our careers, we thus have the opportunity to work in all areas and layers of Novo Nordisk – in different roles, countries, and with inspiring people, all united by the purpose of driving change.

If you’re curious to learn more about our work and hear from some of our people, you can explore the TechLife in Novo Nordisk site.